Courage the Cowardly Dog

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• 8/21/2018

Looking for an episode

Hey, I got this episode stuck in my head that I only once watched in my childhood and I'm not even sure if it's from this show, but it should be. In the episode (watched it in german) courage is asking multiple times "what is funny" or "what is weird" or something like that. Then he says, I don't know, was that funny (or weird or whatever)? Asking the audience. Then after asking that 3 people, I suppose the farmers are repeating his words in a weird chanty manner. Something like: What - is - fun - ny, What - is - fun - ny... and so on. While the sing it you can hear a subtle western e- guitar playing. It had a creepy vibe but I guess almost every episode does. That's all I remember. Does anybody know the episode or does that sound familiar? Please help
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• 2/16/2015
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• 5/23/2013


Hi, I just started to transcript some on the episodes and I would like to make the text available to everyone who loves Courage. So, how do I proceed?
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• 5/14/2013

Minor Edit

I know there is supposed to be a checkbox you click when you make a small fix on a page. Well, I was adding a category to a page, but I saw no minor edit checkbox above the Summary page. Am I looking in the wrong place?
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