Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

This article is a transcript of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "A Night at the Katz Motel" from Season 1, which aired November 12, 1999.

(The episode opens at the Katz Motel, with Eustace parking his truck with Muriel and Courage in tow)

Eustace: This looks like a crummy place to end a crummy vacation.

(Courage whimpers as he shudders his teeth in fear, then thunder and lightning can be seen and heard scaring Courage. This causes the dog to wrap himself around Eustace's neck like a scarf, shivering in fear)

(The family enters the lobby, while Courage is still attached to Eustace's neck. The latter taps a service bell on the front desk thrice, as a lanky, red cat rises up from behind the desk)

Katz: Welcome to the Katz Motel. I'm Katz. Would you please sign in? (looks up to the family with irritation, before snapping his finger and points to a "NO DOGS ALLOWED" sign) No dogs allowed!

Courage: But... but...

(Eustace brings Courage outside as he whines)

Muriel: (concerned) Oh my...

(Eustace removes Courage from his neck before tying his leash to a pole. Courage whimpers in response to having to stay outside in the cold)

Eustace: (shouts at Courage) KABOOM!!! (laughs at a frightened Courage, as Muriel approaches and wacks him in the head with her purse) What did I do? (takes the keys from Muriel and walks away, mumbling)

Muriel: Oh, Courage, don't worry, it's only for a short time. (kisses Courage before walking away) Goodnight, Courage.

Courage: Maybe a goodnight for you. You'll be in a warm bed.

(Cuts to a bathroom where Muriel mumbles a song while undressing)

Eustace: (scratches his back) Can't wait to sleep in my own bed. Muriel! Ya hear me? (removes a part of the blanket to sit on the bed) Eh, what do you know? (lays on the bed and covers himself while mumbling quietly) ....bed... Ah. (starts snoring)

(Cuts to a black screen with the sound of a door being unlocked is heard. The light turns on to reveal 6 big spiders on a web inside an empty room)

Katz: My loves, dinner has arrived. (One spider starts moving impatiently with acid dripping out of the mouth) Oh, and by the way, your web is such a mess. Clean it up, will you? (shuts the door)

(Cuts to Eustace sleeping and snoring, then to a painting of a man above the bed. The eyes slide, as the yellow eyes of Katz look down upon Eustace)

(The scene cuts to Muriel getting ready to bathe, then the flow straightener of the tap slides to show the spying eye of Katz)

(The scene cuts again to Courage watching the shadow of Katz approaching the side of the Motel while still being hidden. Katz then puts a box down and carefully opens it. A spider crawls out and begins to advance towards Courage, who lets out a spooked howl)

(The spider is getting closer as Courage lets out a scream. He tries to free himself by pulling the leash as the spider is approaching, and pulls out a blowtorch to unsuccessfully untie himself, to no effect. He then uses a chainsaw and an explosive chemical, which all prove to be futile. Courage finally uses his teeth, which successfully breaks the leash)

Courage: Yay! (runs away, as the spider stops near the leash)

(The scene cuts to Muriel bathing, as a spider emerges from the tap and falls into the bathtub)

Muriel: Finally, I can relax. (The spider gets closer to Muriel, then she notices it and screams)

(Cuts to Courage outside her motel room)

Courage: It's Muriel! She's in trouble! (tries to open the door, then tries to forcefully get inside) Muriel! Muriel!

(As Muriel screams, Courage brings in a cannon while wearing a helmet. He aims it at the window, before getting inside of it)

Courage: I hope this works! (fires himself through the window and into the room, as he tosses the helmet on the ground while Muriel is still screaming)

Muriel: AHHHHH! Courage, go get help, hurry!

(Cuts to Eustace sleeping, Courage enters the room and jumps on the bed)

Courage: WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

(Failing to wake up Eustace, he tries a large set of tubas and explodes a bag full of air, after his unsuccessful attempts, he returns to Muriel)

Courage: OHHHH!

Muriel: Courage! Did you get any help?

(The bed with Eustace in it flips, leading Eustace down into a hole)

(Courage returns to the bed where Eustace was, noticing that it's empty, and starts running into the motel hallway while screaming, then he gets into the office room)

Courage: Help! Help! Help! (transforms into a giant snake, a dragon, and a dinosaur but notices there is no one there) Where is everybody? (steps behind the counter and slowly opens a private door as he enters)

(Eustace is seen stuck to a giant web in the middle of the room, despite still sleeping while wrapped up in webs. Above him, is a spider that menacingly crawls down to its next meal...)

Courage: (howls in fear) What do I do? What do I do? (rips a plank from the floor and uses it to kill the spider, before taking Eustace. Before he can leave, Katz stands in front of the door and blocks their escape)

Katz: Leaving so soon? (shuts the door)

(Courage howls with fear again, before throwing Eustace at Katz and hits him, making him unable to get up)

Katz: I wish you hadn't done that...

(Courage runs downstairs screaming and stops in front of a door)

Courage: Now, what do I do? Now, what do I do? (enters the room, which is pitch black) Oh no, it's dark in here! (turns on the light, staring in terror at the massive spider collection before screaming)

(Right outside, Katz is about to open the door before Courage pushes down the door on top of him as he runs off screaming)

Katz: I wish you hadn't done that...

(Courage runs through a hallway while Katz follows him slowly, stopping in a room)

Courage: Oh no! (turns his head and watches Katz step out of the shadows)

Katz: There is no place to run and no place to hide.

(Cuts to Muriel fighting a spider)

(Cuts back to Katz bouncing a ball)

Katz: A little sport before dying, dear boy?

(Katz and Courage start playing wallball)

(Cuts to Muriel throwing the spider in the toilet, and she flushes it)

(It cuts back to Katz and Courage playing, then to Muriel drying off with a towel, back to Courage and Katz, to Muriel putting shoes on, then to Courage hitting a wall and Katz sipping tea peacefully)

(Cuts back to Muriel, who is getting dressed)

Muriel: (sarcastic) What a fine way to end a vacation.

(Cuts to Courage struggling to win while Katz reads a book)

Katz: Hmm... how lovely.

(Cuts to Muriel searching for Eustace in the bedroom)

Muriel: Now where's that man gone to?

(Cuts to Courage sweating and being exhausted while Katz is still playing with no problem, forcefully launches the ball, bounces off the wall, and strikes Courage in the head, making him fall)

(Katz walks over to Courage, looking down as he cracks his own head twice)

Katz: Now you're going to learn why nobody ever checks out of the Katz Motel. (wraps his hand around Courage's throat and starts to laugh as he pulls out a spider, preparing to feed him to it)

(Courage howls with fear, as Katz continues to laugh and hold the hungry spider above his head. Before he can do anything, Katz is struck with a racket as he drops the spider, which scurries away. The cat blinks once before falling to the ground unconscious, as Courage's savior is revealed to be Muriel)

Muriel: Come on, Courage! We're leaving. The service here stinks!

(Cuts to Muriel driving the family home, as Eustace is still sleeping while wrapped up in webs)

Muriel: That's a fancy blanket grandpa has on. Maybe we should get you one.

(Courage looks at the viewer before letting out a scream, as the episode ends in a circular fade)