Angry Nasty People is the second half of the tenth episode of Season 2, which aired July 19, 2002, following Fishy Business.


Benton Tarantella offers Courage, Eustace, and Muriel a chance at stardom and fame with his new show, Angry Nasty People.

The Angry Nasty People show

Anp show

Angry Nasty People is a reality television program created by film director Benton Tarantella. It stars Mr. Nasty, and features Eustace Bagge, Muriel Bagge, and their dog, Courage.

The show revolves around the Bagge family, and their daily household of mean and rotten interactions with each other. Primarily, these are carried out by leading role Mr. Nasty, or the farmer. Tarantella was inspired to make the program when he observed Eustace's behavior outside a local movie theater, and decided it would sell well. The franchise is greatly popular, and action figures of the characters have been sold. The show concluded when the producer was drowned in a pit of quicksand by Courage.