Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Bad Hair Day is part one of the eighth episode of Season Two, which aired May 18, 2001, preceding "Forbidden Hat of Gold".


Ma Bagge and her company Growth Industries — in search of test subjects with the rare bloodtype "ABXYZ" — bribe Dr. Vindaloo into revealing his one patient with that blood type; Muriel Bagge. Ma's henchmen drag Muriel to their facility and Courage must once again rescue her.


The board of directors at Growth Industries notice that their piles of money have gotten smaller. They chalk this up to a lack of test subjects with a rare blood type: ABXYZ. They agree to find more subjects, which leads them to calling Dr. Vindaloo. Initially, he declines to tell them due to patient confidentiality, but after they offer him a large bribe, he informs them that one of his patients has that blood type.

Later, at the farm, one of the board members arrives and asks Muriel to accompany him to Growth Industries as a paid volunteer. He offers Muriel large stacks of money for her "assistance", but she declines. After the board member leaves, Muriel gets a call from "the hospital." They want her to stay with them for a few days to make sure her spleen is in good shape. A few seconds after hanging up, a pair of orderlies enter the house and take Muriel away. Courage is worried, but Eustace is more concerned about how this will affect his dinner.

Courage calls up Dr. Vindaloo, but the doctor refuses to tell Courage anything, due to patient confidentiality. This leads Courage to go to the clinic, which is now filled with cash and a hot tub. Courage takes Muriel's patient file and is horrified at what he sees. A notice on her file states that she is now property of Growth Industries. Courage shows the file to Eustace and the farmer states that the company will pay for taking cash.

Eustace and Courage head to Growth Industries and find that Eustace's mom is there. She tells them that she is the "bigwig" and runs the facility. Eustace demands to know if Muriel is there. To prove that Muriel isn't there, Ma takes Courage and Eustace on a brief tour of Growth Industries and gives them collector wigs on their way out. Eustace is convinced, but Courage is still suspicious. He sneaks back in and enters a restricted area. In a giant room, he finds dozens of unconscious people (presumably all with blood type ABXYZ) suspended in the air getting doused with hair growth formula, shampoo, and water. This causes their hair to grow into Afros the size of their whole bodies. Their hair is then forcefully washed, dried, and shaved.

Courage finds Muriel and tries to free her, but is spotted by Ma and the orderlies. Courage trips the fire sprinkler system and causes the victims' hair to grow until the room is almost completely filled with hair. Courage manages to beat up the orderlies, and tries to evade Ma and her giant hairbrush. In the scuffle, Courage runs off with Ma's wig. Ma cries about being bald and runs away. Courage frees Muriel from the hair forest and tries to escape with her through the window. One of the orderlies leaps at them to try and catch them, but smashes through the window. The fire department, summoned by the fire alarm, arrives to get the building evacuated. Courage and Muriel escape down the fire ladder. The Growth Industries board director and Ma leave in a limo, upset at the whole mess.

As the episode closes, Courage is removing all the stray hairs from Muriel. Eustace bursts in, covered head to toe in hair. Muriel asks what happens to him. He responds, "Money!" and shows his wife and dog the giant stacks of cash he received for being a Growth Industries test subject.


  • This is one of the two (if not the only) episode where Eustace gets a big amount of cash without/instead of getting hurt. The first one being "Shirley the Medium", though he does get trapped when he believes there is money in Horst's box in that episode.
  • The "Team Hair" part was cut on Cartoon Network Asia, Cartoon Network Philippines, and Cartoon Network Australia/New Zealand airings since 2012, presumably due to time constraints, not because it is disturbing.
  • This is one of the only episodes where Courage and Eustace actually get along.
  • This episode reveals Muriel's blood type, ABXYZ.
  • This is the last episode where Ma Bagge loves Courage.
  • Just like in "Mother's Day", Ma Bagge cries after realizing she is bald.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on May 18, 2001, it was actually produced in 2000 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished in November of 2000.[2]