Bad Hair Day is part one of the eighth episode of Season Two, which aired April 10, 2001, preceding Forbidden Hat of Gold.


Ma Bagge and her company Growth Industries — in search of test subjects with the rare bloodtype "ABXYZ" — bribe Dr. Vindaloo into revealing his one patient with that blood type; Muriel Bagge. Ma's henchmen drag Muriel to their facility and Courage must once again rescue her.


  • This is one of the few (if not the only) episode where Eustace gets a big amount of cash without/instead of getting hurt.
  • The "Team Hair" part was cut on Cartoon Network Asia, Cartoon Network Philippines and Cartoon Network Australia/New Zealand airings since 2012, presumably due to time constraints, not because it is disturbing. A similar edit has occurred on "Courage in the Big Stinkin' City", which removes the scenes of the three rooms in Schwick's apartment complex, due to the fact that Turner Broadcasting System Asia saw the episode "terrifying".
  • This is the only episode when Courage and Eustace get along (when Muriel was captured)
  • You only see Muriel' s blood type, ABXYZ.
  • This is the last episode Ma Bagge loves Courage.