Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

"Ball of Revenge" is part two of the eleventh episode in Season Four of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by Michelle Belly Dilworth. It aired November 8, 2002.


When Muriel knits a blanket for Courage, Eustace is angered that Courage gets all the attention, and vows to get rid of the dog once and for all. Eustace summons six of Courage's worst enemies, Katz, the Black Puddle Queen, the Weremole, Le Quack, Cajun Fox, and Big Toe to get rid of Courage. The villains gather in the basement with Eustace, in a disguise, to devise a plan.

Muriel, who has returned from buying groceries, hears the commotion being made in the cellar. When she inquires about it, Eustace lies to her that he has a men's club and that she should make them sandwiches. Muriel does so and brings them downstairs. The villains hide themselves by holding up newspapers, but their cover is blown when the Puddle Queen helps herself to a sandwich, making Muriel angry about being lied to. She's promptly chained to the wall and ordered to scream in order to attract Courage. Katz provokes Muriel into screaming by messing with her laundry. This attracts Courage without fail, and he rushes downstairs, where his six enemies challenge him to a game of dodge-ball.

While Eustace watches in amusement, the villains ready themselves... except for the Weremole, who would rather eat his ball, much to Katz' disgust. The game begins and the villains begin to pelt Courage with dodge-balls and other projectiles; there's also a halftime show starring the Red and Purple Duck Brothers. After Courage is sufficiently wounded by the dodge-ball match, the villains surround him with an assortment of weapons, ready to do him in. Muriel encourages Courage on what he can do better than any of them. He thinks for a second, then screams at the top of his lungs, causing the villains (minus Le Quack and the Weremole, who both randomly disappear, one after the halftime show, while the other after hiding in a clam shell spawned by the Black Puddle Queen during Courage's scream) to fall through a chasm that breaks open in the ground. Muriel breaks free, nurtures Courage, and then scolds Eustace, whom she bashes with a rolling pin.

Everything returns to normal, as Muriel forces Eustace to rest on the blanket on the floor for the night as his punishment while Courage gets Eustace's chair. Courage then turns on the TV and Freaky Fred appears onscreen, grinning turning on Razor Than Calling out to Courage Then Courage screams at the top of his lungs again, the roof of the house literally ripping off and slamming back down, ending the episode. During the ending-sequence, Schwick can be heard complaining that he was left out of the episode.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • Fred (seen on the Bagges' TV)
  • Schwick (voice is only heard)


  • Le Quack and the Weremole randomly disappear, one after the halftime show, while the other after hiding in a clam shell during Courage's Scream, and are not seen again. Because of this, it is presumed that they are the only two of the six villains who aren't defeated by Courage's scream.
  • This is the episode where Courage does his longest scream in the series, clocking in at a total of 41 seconds.
  • Oddly enough, the Duck Brothers are featured as members (or at the very least guests) of the dodgeball game during halftime, and yet they are allied to Courage rather than against him, since his actions in their debut episode helped them achieve their own goal.
  • It is unknown about the true reasons from the Weremole to wishes get revenge against Courage, because in the Night of the Weremole, the Weremole hadn't any specific plan or scheme that Courage thwarted, like the schemes of Katz, the plans to get rich of Le Quack and Big Toe or the dinner time of Black Puddle Queen and Cajun Fox. In fact, the Weremole only was preying rabbits and humans, and Courage don't interfered with this, leaving unknown about the apparents reasons to the grudge of Weremole against Courage.
    • Though that possibly the Weremole was angry toward Courage for decieved him to be disguised like a rabbit in the episode, to make him attack the dog and get a hair, as perhaps the Weremole found about this scheme after shakes constantly the rabbit costume for sometime and discovered that Courage wasn't a rabbit at all, making that he developed a grudge in the dog for decieving him with his prey and makes him wasted his hunting time attacking a fake prey.
  • This is arguably the episode where Eustace finally cements his role as a main antagonist and a legitimate threat to Courage, as even despite not having special skills, outside of his mask and other items he uses to frighten Courage, like the other villains, he still managed to gather them all and direct their focus against a common enemy.
    • This goes against other episodes, where it's shown sometimes he still cares about Courage, and vice-versa.
  • This is the only episode in which Cajun Fox and Eustace appear together.
  • Many people consider this episode as the weakest in the series.
  • It's unknown why Fred, Schwick, The Chicken from Outer Space, Dr. Gerbil, Velvet Vic, Mondo, Mattress Demon, Jeeves Weevil, Fisionary, The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Lovable Ducking, Di Lung, Evil Empress, King Buffo, Bluff, Big Bayou, Elisa and Eliza Stitch, Ma Bagge, Benton Tarantella, Maria and Mano Ladrones, Fusilli, Mr. Nasty, King of Flan, Errol Van Volkheim, and Mad Dog were not part of the Ball of Revenge.
    • Furthermore, It is unknown how Eustace knows the Black Puddle Queen, Big Toe, Weremole, and Cajun Fox or could make contact with them, considering in the case of the former two, Eustace was hypnotized and assimilated, making him incapable to remember both the Black Puddle Queen and the Big Toe. And in the case of the latter two, Eustace in fact never meets and gets face to face the Weremole and the Cajun Fox.
  • This is the second episode Eustace calls Courage by his real name, the first episode was The Hunchback of Nowhere.
    • Actually, Eustace says "Courage" three times.
  • Eustace wearing the hooded cloak was possibly a parody of Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars franchise.


  • When Katz puts Muriel's laundry in the washing machine, his nose is black instead of purple.
  • Why would Eustace team up with villains who tried to kill him (The Black Puddle Queen/Katz various times) or take over his life (The Big Toe)? And why wouldn’t they retry to do so, especially in the case of the animalistic Weremole?



  • "Courage, Courage, Courage! That stupid dog gets all the good stuff around here. I hate that dumb dog." - Eustace
  • "Oh! Hello, Muriel. (after she whacks him with a rolling pin) OW! What did I do?" - Eustace
  • "Operator, give me a few numbers." - Eustace
  • "Le Halftime!"- Le Quack
  • "What are we here for?" - Eustace
  • "Revenge!" - Villains
  • "And who are we going to destroy?" - Eustace
  • "That stupid dog!" - Villains
  • "You licked us good! See?" - Big Toe
  • "Cooked us good, too! Remember that?" - Cajun Fox
  • "Ready for a little sport before slow dying, dear boy? Let's play dodgeball!" - Katz
  • "Courage..." - Freaky Fred
  • "Well, let's play some dodgeball." - Le Quack
  • "These are the rules; the ball, she is round. The loser, he is finished. (laughs)" - Le Quack