Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Big Toe is a strange foot fungus that Eustace had gotten and somehow took over his body and formed into a stereotypical gangster character. It is a giant left foot with toes for heads and speaks like a stereotypical old-fashion gangster with big toe as kingpin and smaller toes as his minions.

After taking over Eustace's body. They threaten to crush Muriel with the big toe ending with most sentences with "or the fat lady gets it", forcing Courage to commit many crimes such as bank robbery and crashing a train. Later, Courage defeats the Clutching Foot by licking it, thus freeing Eustace and Muriel. However, Courage had gotten similar talking fungus on his tongue.

The foot fungus make their second and last appearance in Ball of Revenge, this time. They somehow managed to return back as a separate being and joined a group consisting of Courage's worst enemies; the Clutching Foot is presumed dead when they fell (along with five other villains) into a chasm caused by Courage's scream but managed to survive.



  • The big toe's speech mannerisms mimics that of Edward G. Robinson, particularly by ending most sentences with "See?"
  • It is unknown how exactly the Big Toe could appears again in complete body in the episode of Ball of Revenge, considering that Courage eliminated it after The Clutching Foot. Though that is possible that considering that the Big Toe was trapped in the tongue of Courage after being licked from the Eustace's foot, is possible that Courage managed to removes the Big Toe from his tongue off screen, and it survived and it reformed itself creating its own body to the events of Ball of Revenge.


  • "Or the fat lady gets it!!!"
  • "I'm the Big Toe, see? Yeah, see? And what I say, goes, see? Got me?"
  • "Shut up fat woman! You won't be needing your husband anymore, see?"
  • "Now get going, or I put the squeeze on the fat lady, see?"
  • "Dumb dog! You blew up the money! Quick dog get us out of here!"
  • "Come dog, I have another plan, see? Yeah, another plan."
  • "Yeah! You dumb dog! You made me kick too hard, see?"