Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Bigfoot (real name: Theodore) is a sasquatch that shows up at the farm in Courage Meets Bigfoot.


Because of his appearance, Bigfoot is generally misconstrued as a savage beast. He is actually a very friendly and timid creature, that becomes a bit troublesome when he's frightened or lost. He lives with his mother, who can be a bit defensive of him.



Bigfoot first made his way into Nowhere after he decided to play outside of his backyard, against his mother's wishes. Late one night, he got into the Bagges' garbage, and was seen by Courage. While Muriel believed raccoons to be responsible for the mess, Courage had his doubts. Staying as look-out from the bedroom window, Courage heard Bigfoot roar during the night and rushed downstairs, only to find him trying to take Muriel's homemade pie from the windowsill.

The next morning, Nowhere News reported that there was, in fact, a bigfoot "terrorizing" Nowhere, and there was a $25,00 reward for its capture. Excited to win the prize, Eustace began to prepare, and Courage realized it was Bigfoot at the house the previous night. That same day, an old lady showed up at the door trying to find her lost boy, but Eustace simply slams the door in her face.

When Courage goes into the kitchen for pie, he finds Muriel feeding the Bigfoot, and the two have an extensive food fight. Progressively, the battle becomes friendlier until the two begin a Carmen Miranda-like fruit dance. It's then that Eustace comes in and sees Bigfoot, runs outside and comes back with an angry mob. Bigfoot becomes ravage and growls at the crowd, and Courage tries to convince them that he is actually nice. As the mob gets closer, the old lady from before, who is revealed to be the mother of Bigfoot, shows up and stops the fighting. This affectionate reunion is more than enough to convince the crowd he is not evil.

However, Eustace shackles Bigfoot even after seeing him embrace his mother. This angers the now-reformed mob to attack Eustace instead, and the two return home.



  • His mother has some resemblance to Eustace's mother, Ma Bagge.
  • He appears to have some grasp of English.