Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Black Puddle Queen or The Queen of the Black Puddle is a beautiful and seductive sea demon that lives in an underwater palace. She is considered to be one of Courage's signature enemies in the series, despite only appearing in only two episodes.

Physical Appearance

The Queen is a slender woman with blueish green skin, voluminous purple hair reaching her ankles, and large, oblong-shaped pink eyes that lack pupils. She wears a long tattered, figure-hugging black dress with a ruby brooch and a black crown.

When feeding, the Queen's jaws become enormously large in proportion to her body, exposing her viciously sharp teeth.


Black Puddle Queen tempting Eustace

The Queen is an alluring and mysterious creature who captivates men to devour them in her palace. She is highly determined to capture her prey, and is undiscriminating towards her meals as long as they are male.

The Queen is sadistic towards her prey, as she enjoys her victim's helplessness. She is also vengeful, as seen with her attempt to devour Courage at the end of Queen of the Black Puddle and her involvement in the revenge scheme to kill Courage in Ball of Revenge. The queen is also the quietest of the villains who sought revenge on Courage, as she had no lines in her second episode and only a few in her debut.


The Queen can take any material form of water from droplets to steam or even tea (such as Eustace's tea), and can transport anywhere through water including to her deep sea palace. She is also able sneak underneath locked entrances by transforming into into liquid water.

After kidnapping the infatuated victim from their home, the Queen takes them back to her castle where she performs a ritualistic and seductive dance for them. She then endows them with a necklace of shells before transforming into her true, monstrous form and strips them clean of their flesh, leaving only a smiling skeleton behind. She can also take the form of canines to seduce male dogs and eventually feast on their flesh as well. It is unknown if she can transform into other living forms.


The Queen in her monstrous form

A thundering storm passed by the Bagge Farmhouse, leaving behind a bubbling black puddle. Courage discovered this puddle, and was frightened to see the reflection of a beautiful woman with amethyst hair stare back and hiss at him. He tried to tell Muriel and Eustace, but to no avail. Soon after, the farmer began to hallucinate images of the mysterious queen appearing to him whenever he entered close proximity to water, and each time he was left dazed and infatuated. Muriel became worried for her husband, who became increasingly disturbed as the visions progressed. One night, the queen emerged from her puddle and entered the farmhouse, where she took the sleeping Eustace from his bed and dragged him down below to her home.

The next morning, Courage found Muriel crying at the loss of her husband, so he reluctantly dove into the depths of the shrinking puddle to rescue Eustace. As Courage beheld the Queen's bizarre ritual, he saw that the necklace of shells she placed on Eustace was eerily similar to the ones on the skeletons littering the grounds of her castle; Courage then realized that she intended to consume his flesh. The dog successfully rescued the farmer, returning to the surface via a puddle of Muriel's tears. The Black Puddle Queen was left behind in her skeleton-moated kingdom after Courage manages to seal the tear puddle with a blow dryer. That night, Courage was relaxing and taking a bath, when a dog version of the queen appeared in front of him, as Courage looks at the audience, dumbfounded.

A dog version of the queen

Some time later, the Queen returned along with many other antagonists for Eustace's dodgeball game held to get his long-desired revenge on Courage. Compulsively hungry, the Queen took one of Muriel's finger sandwiches prematurely and blew their cover as a "men's club." Once the game of dodgeball began, the Queen used a puddle of Sports Swill that Courage spit up and assaulted him with various sea life. As the end seemed near and the Queen equipped a missile conch shell, Courage unleashed a massive scream, causing a tremor that the villains fell into but managed to survive along with the others.


Season 1

Season 4


  • "Eustace.... Eustace... Come with me... Come with me...."
  • "OW! Wait'll I get out of here! I'll get you, you good-for-nothing..."


  • The Queen is based off of a siren, a creature in Greek mythology that uses their seductive voice to lure men to their deaths.
  • Out of all the villains, the Queen has the highest body count as evident by the skeletons in her underwater kingdom.