Bluff is a muscular bullfrog who serves as King Buffo's enforcer in the episode Feast of the Bullfrogs. He is a tough and very aggressive bullfrog. Whenever someone refuses to do what the king tells them to do, Buffo would call up Bluff for some strong measures.


Bluff was seen along with Buffo and the other bullfrogs in their old dried up pond on a very sunny day. Disappointed


about this, Buffo declares that it is time to find a new pond which all the bullfrogs agreed on. That night, the other bullfrogs invades the Bagges' house and Bluff does his part by kicking half of the door down for a path for the king. When Eustace was about to go upstairs to get his mallet, Buffo ordered Bluff to stop him, resulting in Eustace falling down the stairs. Bluff then kept and eye on Courage and Muriel as they try to search for lily pads. When they couldn't find any lillypads, Bluff growls at them menacingly. Terrified by this, Courage throws out a sponge and it lands in the water filled faucet. Bluff decides that the sponge is better than lillypads.  He is later defeated by Courage along with the other bullfrogs excluding King Buffo.


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