Bride of the Swamp Monster

Titlecard-405a-Bride of Swamp Monster

The Bride of the Swamp Monster follows the episode Farmer Hunter, Farmer Hunted. This episode was aired October 4, 2002.

The episode starts off with Eustace, Muriel, and courage inside of an antique shop. Muriel sees a locket she likes so Eustace ends up buying it for her. She then proceeds to put a picture of her and courage on one side of the locket and one of Eustace on the other side. While driving down the road she proceeds to lose it up on the dashboard of Eustace's truck, who then tries to grab it for her only to end up driving off road and into a swamp. The locket then proceeds to fall out of the truck and into the swamp, where nobody could find it. Muriel and courage then proceed to push the truck out of the swamp and back onto the road. The swamp monster then proceeds to find the locket after it lands on his hand and vows to find whom he thinks is Swamp Woman, who is Muriel. He then storms off in a rampage trying to track her scent. he ends up at the Antique shop the family had visited earlier, only to destroy it in a fit of rage after asking the shop keeper where Muriel had gone. The episode then proceeds to cut to the family back at their farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Eustace then turns on the TV only to see a special report about the swamp monster, and how it's been going on a rampage throughout Nowhere and headed torwards the farmhouse. Eustace then proceeds to kick Courage out of the house, and while Courage fears for his life, the swamp monster breaks through the door and steals Muriel. Courage then runs up to the Computer and asks it about the Swamp Woman. Courage then tracks her down and finds her working as a Mail Carrier in a Foreign country. She then follows courage back to the swamp after the swamp monster has prepped Muriel to be his bride. Swamp monster realizes that he had not found swamp woman and he had found Muriel instead. They then begin to argue over how forgetful swamp woman is and how non understanding swamp monster is. the episode ends with the family sitting in the living room.


The Swamp Monster is a dark brown, muddy monster.

Swamp Woman - A large, dark brownish greenish monster.

Floyd - Plays the Antique shop owner in the episode.

Easter Egg

In a scene of the episode a Cartoon Network logo with some letters missing is seen.