Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Bunny is a female rabbit who played a supporting role in the two-part episode "The Mask".


Like Kitty, Bunny is very devoted to her companion. However, Bunny became more interested in conforming to social pressures when she started dating Mad Dog to rise in social stature.

Eventually, Bunny became aware of Mad Dog's abusive nature which resulted in her growing resentment towards dogs. This intensified when Mad Dog drove Kitty away and forced Bunny to stay with him against her will. Nonetheless, Bunny is shown to be a resilient character who continued attempting to escape her relationship with Mad Dog.

Bunny's personality resembles that of Kitty, who is loving and loyal. Compared to her companion, Bunny is more passive and quiet.


Bunny is a rabbit with a solid light pink fur coat and a bushy white tail. She is seen wearing a pastel blue necklace and bracelet. She also has a pastel green fur coat.


Bunny lived in the two-bit section of the Wrong Side of the Tracks with Kitty, where the two shared a happy relationship. Discontent with herself, however, Bunny moved in with her chauvinistic boyfriend Mad Dog who drove Kitty away from them out of his jealousy.

Bunny constantly misses Kitty and has visibly dissipated in spirit according to Mad Dog, who desires to rekindle his relationship with Bunny. Instead, Bunny attempted to escape by hooking a carabiner to Mad Dog's collar on a lamp. Her attempt failed, as she was caught by Mad Dog's Minions and was buried to the neck in a large flower pot as punishment.

Miraculously, Courage appeared at the window. While Bunny was initially agitated by his appearance for being a dog, upon seeing the toy mouse Bunny had given to Kitty she trusted Courage to help her escape. Although they were able to climb out of the window, Mad Dog began pursuing them in his car. Before Mad Dog could run over Bunny, Courage sprang into the car and steered it onto the train tracks towards the approaching Amtrak passenger train. Bunny watched the car explode as Mad Dog is left gravely injured and hysterical at the hood of the train. As the train passes by, Kitty is seen lamenting at the rear of the train but joyfully sees Bunny. Bunny thanks Courage and gives him a kiss on the cheek, before chasing after Kitty who pulls her onto the train and the two heartily reunite.



  • She is bisexual.
  • John R. Dilworth confirmed that Bunny and Kitty are in a relationship. Kitty is a Lesbian and Bunny is Bisexual.
  • For a long time, Katie Griffin was though to be the voice of Bunny. However, it was confirmed on that she was voiced by Lori Ann Mahl.