Cajun Fox is an orange fox who always wears a pair of sunglasses. Despite being featured in only two episodes, he is considered one of Courage's signature rivals. He is voiced by Paul Schoeffler.

He resembles Katz, another recurring antagonist.


The Cajun Fox generally sports a relaxed and laid-back personality, though he sometimes becomes demented when his goals are in danger. He believes himself to have been "born lucky," and, as such, he can be very competitive to become number one. However brutal his offenses are, he treats his rivals with a fair bit of unusual friendliness. For whatever reason, he knows how to drive a car and pilot a plane.
Cajun fox



Cleaver in hand.

In preparation for a cooking contest, the Cajun Fox realized that his Granny Stew was devoid of the primary ingredient. He put on his glasses and set out to find one. Luckily for him, a sleeping old lady and her dog happened to be at a nearby park, so he snuck over and kidnapped the sweet elder, tossing her pet into the fountain behind. Unfortunately, Courage wouldn't let him take Muriel without a fight. A following competition of trickery and wit to procure her ultimately led to a struggle on the wings of a biplane. With no pilot, the plane crashed into a cliff, allowing the Fox to triumph over his opponent and take the old woman back to his house. He was about to boil her when Courage breaks through the roof, knocking Muriel into the air and crushing the Cajun Fox into the pot of stew (Ep.1-2).

After a long absence, he returned at Eustace's call to get revenge on Courage. They held Muriel hostage and hung her over a boiling pot (perhaps his suggestion), luring the dog into a trap. Still sore about being cooked alive, he attacked Courage as part of an "extreme" game of dodgeball by catapulting burning hot Cajun pirogis into his mouth. When their victory seemed secured—and the Fox was ready with an oversized butcher knife to finish the job—he suddenly let out a massive scream, causing a break in the earth that the Cajun Fox, along with his teammates, fall into (Ep.50-2).


  1. Cajun Granny Stew
  2. Ball of Revenge