Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Recently, a Courage the Cowardly Dog (fan)game has been 'found' for the Sony Playstation 1, where odd discoveries have been 'found'.

You can play it here


A supposed cover image for the cancelled game

The 'game' starts 'inside' the Bagge's 'house', where you 'have' to make your way up to the room with the Computer. You are greeted by the Spirit of The Harvest Moon, who tells you to "find all deez (nuts)". It is still unknown what this means. You are then taken to a maze like area where-

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According to the uploader of the game, he found it in an old hard drive he bought to "run some tests". Thus, we have no idea on what year this big ol' mess got dropped, but likely during the very early 2000s (time travel), before the series were discontinued and during a time in which Cartoon Network was having the time of his life making everything into a videogame.

However, a wiki article has some juicy data on the game. It was scheduled for 2001 and would be supported in PS1, N64, GBC and Dreamcast. It was supposedly developed by Cor-Son Games and Climax Group. The N64 and GMC port would be developed by Mass Media Inc. and the Dreamcast one by Vicarious Visions. It would be published by BAMI Entertainment.

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pretty much this game is awesome dude it's got courage and some dead people and you go to an aa meeting it's great