Titlecard 210a — Car Broke, Phone Yes

Car Broke, Phone Yes

Car Broke, Phone Yes is the first half of the 23th episode of Season Two preceding Cowboy Courage. It was written by David Cohen and directed by John R. Dilworth. It originally aired on September 29, 2001.

Episode Summary

Courage is watching the sky through his telescope when he finds an asteroid and watches it crash. He goes to alert Muriel when the doorbell rings. At the door stands a short man in a hat and trenchcoat with two bulging eyes. He tells them that his car is broken and he wants to use the phone ("Car broke, phone yes?"). When he gets invited inside, he doesn't use the phone correctly, and doesn't call anyone. Courage is suspicious, and Muriel brings over a cup of tea for the visitor. He tries to drink it, but it goes right through him. Then he proceeds to check things off on his clipboard, such as hostility and cynicism. When he notices that Courage is staring at him, he finds it rude and locks him in the closet.

Courage then watches from the keyhole in the closet and watches the man reveal a tentacle under his sleeve, which goes up Eustace's nose in search of kindness. When he doesn't find any, he does the same to Muriel. He finds kindness there, then drains it into a test tube. Muriel, now acting like Eustace with her kindness gone, proceeds to kick him out. Muriel unlocks the closet door and lets Courage out, then hits him with her rolling pin. Eustace likes the new angry Muriel, and immediately begins to gang up on Courage with her. While Courage makes dinner, Eustace talks with Muriel, and laughs about getting hit over the head with her rolling pin.

After Courage is done making dinner, he remembers the test tube and the strange man. He thinks that if he can get the test tube back, Muriel will be kind again. So, he looks out his telescope and finds the man. The man proceeds to remove the trenchcoat and hat, revealing that he is just a brain, two eyes, and an assortment of tentacles. He serves Eustace and Muriel, then leaves to go take the tube from the man.

Courage catches up to him, but when the man gets on a UFO, Courage is too slow and gets the door slammed in his face. In the middle of the UFO is a giant brain, and he takes the test tube and starts draining the kindness into him. Courage removes the battery from the UFO, so he can climb up the hole left behind, when Muriel catches up to him. She's out of breath, so he's easily able to escape up the hole. As Courage struggles to take the test tube from the giant brain, Muriel crawls up the hole as well.

Courage finally takes the test tube away, and Muriel walks over to the brain to have a "stupid x" contest ("stupid brain"/"stupid digestive tract," etc.). Courage splashes a bit of Muriel's kindness on the short man/smaller brain. He gladly lets Muriel and Courage out of the UFO with the test tube. Courage comes back only to give him a bomb.

It ends with Courage shoving the tube up Muriel's nose, thus giving her kindness back, and with Eustace being unhappy with the old Muriel that is not willing to harm Courage in any way. But a pack of similar aliens like the one from earlier come in the house, scaring Courage.

Revealing Mistakes

  • Right before Muriel kicks out the alien, the closet which Courage is locked is clearly cracked open. After Muriel kicks out the alien and goes back into the house, the closet door is closed again.






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