The cat thieves were two criminals who stole King Ramses' slab from his tomb in order to sell it due to its worth. Their only appearance is in the episode King Ramses' Curse.


One is tall and has red fur, orange ear tips, a blue nose, and a light green sweater with a dark green stripe on it. The other one is shorter and has blue fur, pink ear tips, a orange nose, a dark green hat with a brown band wrapped around it, a orange shirt, black tie, and a dark green jacket.


The Cat Thieves were greedy and willing to steal in order to make money and were foolish enough to tempt King Ramses because of this. However, it is evident they are clever to some extent as they bury the slab next to the Bagge's water pump and plan to come back for it when the police give up their search.


The thieves are first seen speeding away with a police helicopter in hot pursuit because they stole the slab of King Ramses from a tomb in Egypt. The tall cat consistently urges his partner to drive faster, reminding him that they'd be finished if they were caught with the slab. The smaller cat agrees, and thus suggests that they hide the slab for the time being until the police call off the search. They stop by the Bagge residence where they decide to bury it by the Bagge's water pump, planning to return for it "when the heat's off". As the thieves prepare to take off, the smaller cat notices that the road had disappeared. They are then approached by the Pharaoh's ghost, who warns them to return the slab immediately or suffer his curse as consequence. However, the two feline criminals merely stare at each other in confusion and question the Egyptian ghost in disbelief. Ramses summons a swam of locusts that instantly surround the thieves' car. The two cats scream in horror as the bugs close in on them, devouring them and their car as punishment for refusing to heed the ghostly Pharaoh's warning.  


  • They look like Katz, and the passenger shares the same voice actor.
  • The driver was the first character on the show to be voiced by Jim Cummings, before Fusilli.
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