The Computer is the Bagge family's desktop computer residing in the attic, which Courage regularly uses to solve problems or gain information. It is an artificial intelligence and has had a large number of appearances, varying from a faithful ally to the main antagonist. It speaks with a British accent.


Armed with wit and a full hard drive of knowledge, it is a box of sarcasm and pride. The computer believes that lack of emotion makes machines dominant over humans, and finds them cowardly. However, after its experience in a body, it has shown to be capable of fear, though it denies it. Consulted with Courage's problems, it often refers to him as a "twit" and includes plenty of cynicism in its explanations. He is replaced with a chalkboard in Perfect, as well as a spaceship in Mission to the Sun.


  1. The Shadow of Courage
  2. Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist
  3. The Demon in the Mattress
  4. Night of the Weremole
  5. The Clutching Foot
  6. Everyone Wants To Direct
  7. Journey to the Center of Nowhere
  8. Little Muriel
  9. Courage Meets the Mummy
  10. Mission to the Sun
  11. Mega Muriel the Magnificent
  12. The Transplant
  13. McPhearson Phantom
  14. Record Deal
  15. Hard Drive Courage
  16. The Quilt Club
  17. Windmill Vandals
  18. Bride of Swamp Monster
  19. Perfect


  • "If Johnny has three apples, and Davy has two apples, why can't they just shut up and eat?"
  • "Nasty! PTOOIE! YUCH!"
  • "Now it's time to show you how it's all done."
  • "You call being shaved by a barber scary? You twit."
  • "Luckily for us, it's just a story."
  • "Hey... push that button again!"
  • "Work up a good drool, baby!"
  • "Just don't let yourself get bitten."


  • Computer appears in every single season of the show. He also appears in The Fog of Courage, the 2014 CGI special.
  • Throughout the series, Computer's monitor varies, although it could be unintentional.
  • In the episode Little Muriel, Computer mentions that he likes Sri Lankan Chicken Tandoori.
  • As stated in an interview between John R. Dilworth and RebelTaxi, Computer was based off of HAL 9000 from 2001 Space Odyssey.
    • With the British accent, he shares a few similarities with Sara from Cartoon Network's programming block Toonami, who is also an artificial intelligence. However, Sara debuted a year after Computer did (but her voice was heard in the opening to Toonami saying "hello" ever since TOM 1's debut) and Sara is much friendlier than Computer is.
  • His Japanese voice actor is Masayuki Nakada (中田雅之) who also did the voices of Katz, the Lieutenant, and Freaky Fred, among others.
    • In the Japanese dub, his catchphrase "You twit" has been translated to "アホですね" (Aho desu ne), which is a pun on "そうですね" (Sou desu ne, meaning "That's right") and can be translated as "That's right, idiot."

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