Conway the Contaminationist is the {{{numInSeasonWord}}} episode in [[Season {{{seasonWord}}}]] of Courage the Cowardly Dog. It aired {{{airDate}}}.


As Muriel is cleaning the farmhouse, they look outside the window and see white pages falling from the sky. Courage, thinking that it's snow, puts on a thick winter coat and goes outside. He soon finds out that the pages are leaflets that says "Live Longer, Live Better" and notices in the sky that an airplane, piloted by a older man with green lumpy skin is emitting thick black-greenish smoke and writes the same quote in the sky. As he finishes his skywriting, his plane begins to stall and he flys dangerously low to the ground, almost hitting Courage and crashes into the windmill. Muriel is tending to the old man in the plane and he tells them that he wants sludge. Courage grabs a jar and picks sludge from the drains, rain gutters, and even Eustaces' feet. He gives the jar to the man and he drinks it and he good as new. He introduces himself as Conway and tells them that living in pure filth makes you live longer. He reverses the vacuum cleaner Muriel is using and emits all of the dust into the living room while saying "out with the good air, in with the bad". He convinces them that they will get used to it eventually and that it was better for their health. But he ups the ante as he has Muriel bathing in sludge and Courage tries to clean it up and he stops him, saying that living in filth is better. Eventually, the farmhouse is full of filth, trash and sludge and Muriel and Eustace is buried under it all; weak, dirty and frail looking. Courage is still healthy looking and clean and Conway releases a toxic fume into the living room, making matters worse. Courage takes a look outside and notices that the hazmat team has put the farmhouse on quarantine because of all the filth. Courage installs a doggie door on the front door so he can get out and figure out a plan to clean up the farmhouse in a timely manner. He decides to take Conways' old airplane and put a large red balloon on the exhaust in order to make a large, highly effective vacuum cleaner. He points it towards the door and suspends on a