Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage (Hearts Full of Love) is the song of Cartoon Network Groovies. It was performed by singer Brooke Lundy.



This song is dedicated to that cowardly dog


Or as the French say



The wind through the windmill

It whispers "Cour-age"

A steam from the kettle

It whistles "Cour-age"

The grumpy man's gums

They're smacking "Cour-age"

With hearts full of love

We sing out "Cour-age"

Don't be frightened of us, we're just zombies of love

Here to let you know we understand why you scream

It makes good sense to run, when a duck's got a gun

When a duck's packing heat

The grease in the pan

It sizzles "Cour-age"

The pink of your fur

It bristles "Cour-age"

Our eyes bug out

They're singing "Cour-age"

Our hearts full of love