Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage Under the Volcano is the last episode of Season 3.

The episode was produced in 2001 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on August 9, 2002.


While on vacation, a tribe brings Muriel to a volcano to sacrifice her to the volcano god. To save her, Courage must go inside the volcano and talk to the volcano god before it's too late. 

Plot []

The episode begins as we see the Bagge family riding on an airplane constructed out of leaves and branches of bamboo. The plane then gets caught in a cloud of smoke from a nearby volcano and eventually crashes. Though the family is safe, they have arrived at their destination, a tropical island.

Soon after, two purple-skinned people approach the family and greet them. One purple introduces himself as "Chief Wicky Wicky" and says they have arrived at Hip Hip Island. The Chief introduces his daughter, named Wicky Wicky Woo. The daughter takes a liking to Eustace, and kisses him, which leaves Eustace disgruntled and annoyed. Muriel then thanks the Chief for inviting them to their island, and she asks: "Why did you pick us?" The Chief replies: "Look in phonebook, you live in middle of Nowhere. Figure no one miss when you're gone." He quickly corrects himself, saying: "on vacation." He then says Muriel has "hot time" and she needs to be properly dressed for the hot time.

Suddenly, another purple tribe member and a monkey race over and quickly dress Muriel in tropical-like clothing. Chief Wicky Wicky says that: "lady look ready to dive right into bubbling, good time." The purple man and monkey start to carry Muriel up the volcano. The Wicky Wicky Woo grabs Eustace's hand and follows behind Muriel, leaving Courage to grab Eustace and Muriel's suitcases and follow the group.

Once everyone gets to the top of the volcano, the Chief announces: "It is time for ceremony." The Wicky Wicky Woo mounts a bizarre-looking coconut on Eustace's head. The Chief says the Wicky Wicky Woo has the "wedding coconut" ready. He then says that Muriel will enjoy a very long rest. The screen cuts to Courage, who has finally brought Eustace and Muriel's luggage to the top of the volcano. The Chief claps and says: "Let human offering begin."

A nearby monkey races over with a car jack, and another tribe member begins to slowly raise Muriel over the volcano. Courage becomes worried and tries to make Muriel aware of the danger she's in but to no avail. Courage then hurries over to the car jack and tries to stop the tool from moving, but he is eventually flung away. as the purple man and monkey quickly raise Muriel. Courage flies into Chief Wicky Wicky's stomach and tries to tell the islander that he should stop the ceremony. The Chief responds with: "You anger volcano god! If volcano god not get human offering, volcano god blow whole volcano, destroying everything on island!"

Courage is shocked by this. The Chief tells him not to worry, as the volcano god will "turn off mountain of smoke" once Muriel is sacrificed to the deity. The Chief begins to say a chant to the volcano god, as Muriel screams, realizing what she's got herself into. She screams for Courage's help, but the Chief states that before they throw Muriel into the volcano, a ceremonial boar will have to eat a stack of ceremonial pies. Courage begs the Chief to stop the ceremony, but he states that Courage is barking up the wrong tree and he must talk to the volcano god, which means Courage must dive into the volcano to find the deity.

Muriel is then shown as she is about to fall into the fiery pit, hanging onto the edge of the volcano. Courage then carefully climbs into the volcano but accidentally burns his paws one by one, and falls. He lands on a ledge in front of a door labelled "Otto's Real Estate Office - Ski Condos A Specialty." Courage enters and finds that the cavern has been converted into a heavily air conditioned office. A man named Otto sits at the office's desk and offers to sell Courage a condo. He goes on to explain his plan.

Otto has made a control panel that controls the volcano's activity. He is making the volcano more active to scare the natives off the island. Once they leave, he will use a different machine, a snow-spewing car, to cover the island in snow. Then, he will build and sell condos on this "tropical ski resort," for people who want to ski, but don't want to completely freeze. Courage explains that the natives are sacrificing people to stop the volcano from erupting. Otto is annoyed at this, and opts to make the volcano erupt completely to get rid of the remaining people. Otto escapes in the snow car, and leaves Courage behind to be cooked by the lava.

Muriel is then dropped into the volcano and lands on the ledge outside, explaining that the boar ate all the pies. Lava begins to rise, and Courage carries Muriel to safety. They reach the rim of the volcano, and Chief Wicky Wicky blames them for the volcano erupting. The volcano continues to spew lava, and the group runs away. Several feet ahead is Otto in the snow car. He accidentally drives into a low hanging branch, causing the car to crash. Courage catches up, and frantically tries pressing every button in the car. The car starts shooting out tons of snow, causing the lava to run back up the mountain into into the volcano, carrying Otto with it.

Later, the natives make a boat for the Bagges to go home. Chief Wicky Wicky offers Muriel the boar as an apology, but she politely declines. The chief concedes that there was no volcano god at all. But, a voice from the volcano tells them otherwise. A fiery god emerges from the volcano, and throws Otto onto the beach in front of the group. Otto offers to build the chief a new hut, but Wicky Wicky Woo puts the wedding coconut on his head, shutting him up. Courage closes out the episode but putting a lei around his waist and hula dancing.


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Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on August 9, 2002, it was actually produced in 2001 according to the credits. It was also the final episode produced in 2001.
    • This episode was finished on November 30, 2001. [1]