Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog
CICTV - Title Card

Title card.

Courage in Creep TV is an online video game based off of this show that is developed by Shockwave and was originally distributed in Cartoon Network's official website, before it eventually became unavailable to be played there. The main objective of this game is to save both Muriel and Eustace after they were captured by television poltergeists.

However, the game can still be played elsewhere instead, but through alternative programs such as BlueMaxima's Flashpoint.


Husband-and-wife Eustace and Muriel Bagge got suddenly captured by black ghosts, known in-game as "poltergeists", and were trapped inside the Bagge house television. Courage must find a way to get both of them out of the TV, or else both of them would be stuck inside there forever by those ghosts.


  • Arrow Keys: Moving Courage around.
  • Space Bar:
    • Picking up or activating items.
    • Skipping textboxes.
  • Mouse:
    • Clicking on items in the inventory.
    • Skipping textboxes.
  • Shift: Using the TV remote.


  • The questions that were asked during the game's Ghost Quiz Show part are:
    • "Are you a dog?"
    • "Did the poltergeist in your attic try on a Santa hat?"
    • "Do you want to go home now?"
    • "Should Eustace be nicer to you?"
    • "Is the sky blue?"
    • "Do you like to eat cheese?"
    • "Is the answer to this question YES?"
    • "Did you buy an electric can opener from 'Electro-Shack'?"