Courage the Fly
Season 1, Episode 19, Part 1
Production code: 206a
Air date: March 16, 2001
Directed by: John R. Dilworth
Written by: David Steven Cohen
Storyboard: Chris Rutkowski
Mission to the Sun
Katz Kandy
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Courage the Fly is part one of the nineteenth episode in Season One of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by David Steven Cohen. It aired March 16, 2001, preceding Katz Kandy.


Di Lung uses Courage as a test subject for his new transformation formula. Courage undergoes several mutations before eventually being turned into a fly. He finds out from the General and Lieutenant that a satellite is going to crash into the farmhouse. He tries to alert Muriel, but Eustace sees him and tries to swat him, repeatedly hitting Muriel instead. Courage gives up and finds out from the General and Lieutenant that he has to enter the satellite to change its route. While doing so, he accidentally causes it to hit the General and Lieutenant. The satellite goes deep into the ground then curves back around and hits Eustace from under the house, sending him into orbit along with it. While in Night, Muriel sees the satellite with Eustace saying "Get me down!". Muriel asks Courage if there is a way to return Eustace back to Earth anytime soon. Courage then says "I don't think so, ya fool" and laughs like Di Lung, while the episode ends.