Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog


Di Lung tests a new scientific formula on Courage, who is eventually mutated into a small house fly.


Di Lung is outside the Bagge Farm working on his giant magnet machine. Courage arrives and asks what's going on and Di Lung responds that he's going to make a satellite fall from the sky with the magnet. He then shows Courage his new transformation formula, saying it will make him "different." Courage undergoes several mutations before eventually being turned into a fly. Di Lung remarks that Courage should have turned into a buffalo and leaves to fix the formula. Sure enough, Di Lung's magnet pulls a satellite from orbit and sends it hurtling towards the farmhouse. The General and Federal Agents take notice and head to the farm to investigate.

Courage tries to alert Muriel and Eustace to his predicament, but Eustace tries to swat him with various pest-killing methods(repeatedly hitting Muriel instead). After Eustace fails to squish him, Courage escapes and flies towards a suspicious ice cream truck on the property. Inside is General and Federal Agents discussing the falling satellite. Courage overhears them talking about how they presumed no one lived in Nowhere and aren't planning to alert the occupants of the danger in an effort to cover up the incident. General states that the only way to stop the house from being destroyed is if someone small were able to fly in and redirect its course.

Courage flies off to do just that, but the machinery inside is very complicated. He flies back to the farm and tries one more time to warn Muriel of the danger, but she doesn't notice the fly tugging on her apron is Courage. Courage flies back into the satellite and finds a manual on how to operate the satellite. After a couple of minutes, Courage manages to stop the satellite just before it hits that house, making it move several feet to the side, and causes it to hit the General and Federal Agents and burrow underground. While the General and Federal Agents are injured from the impact, Di Lung shows up again with his perfected transformation formula and turns the crooked officials into buffalo.

Eustace and Muriel run outside to see what happened. Courage flies up to Muriel and she finally recognizes him. Eustace still wants to squish Courage so he goes inside to find his swatter. Muriel points out that the satellite almost hit their house, but when Eustace shrugs it off, the satellite curves back around under the dirt, hits Eustace from under the house and sends him into orbit along with it.

Muriel asks Courage if there is a way to return Eustace back to Earth anytime soon. Courage then says "I don't think so, ya fool!" and laughs like Di Lung while the episode ends. 

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Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on March 16, 2001, it was actually produced in 2000 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished in October of 2000.[1]