Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage vs. Mecha-Courage is an episode from Season 3.

The episode was produced in 2001 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on November 16 of that year.


Di Lung makes a "Mecha-Courage" to be a better dog than Courage After Courage is replaced is his family, he accepts a challenge against the robot-dog to see who really is the better one.


Courage is minding his business and chewing a boot. DI Lung shows up and wants Courage to fetch a stick. He loads the stick in a rocket launcher and shoots it miles away. Courage, not wanting to bother with it, goes back to the boot, but Di Lung shoves him into the rocket launcher instead. After launching Courage, Di Lung tells the dog he is "no-good" and can probably make a better dog than him.

A little while later, Di Lung comes back with Mecha-Courage, a robot dog with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets inside of it. Di Lung orders the robot to be better than Courage and it speeds off into the farmhouse. Muriel and Eustace don't notice that "Courage" looks different or has a monotone bark. At that moment, Eustace is looking for his boot so he can fix a flood in the basement. Mecha-Courage gives Eustace a brand new boot, then drains the water in the basement and fixes the burst pipe on his own.

At dinner, Mecha-Courage sets the table with fancy silverware and plays the violin table-side for Eustace. After dinner, the family is watching tv when a commercial airs for a state-of-the-art fishing rod. Eustace badly wants one. After Mecha-Courage forces his way past Courage, he presents Eustace with the rod. Eustace gives Mecha-Courage praise and pats, something Courage never gets from the farmer. Mecha-Courage then hops into Muriel's lap and rocks in her chair with her. Witnessing this moment, it breaks Courage's heart and he goes outside to the porch to mope. Di Lung arrives to gloat over how great his creation is in order to mock Courage. He tells him he could never beat him (Mecha-Courage), not even if he were a Roman gladiator. In frustration, Courage immediately packs a suitcase for Rome.

At the Coliseum, Courage faces against the robot dog in a battle. He tries hitting Mecha-Courage with everything at his disposal, but to no avail, as his mechanical counterpart went as far as using significantly more advanced tactics and weapons, to the point of shape-shifting into different attack modes to get back at Courage. Still, to Di Lung's surprise, Courage refuses to give up. Mecha-Courage pummels Courage, but eventually his batteries run out and he explodes. After a long fight to the death, it was revealed that an elderly Roman emperor was watching the whole thing and disapproves of Di Lung and his creation, sending the obnoxious genius falling through a trap door, and Courage emerging victorious.

What follows is Courage having returned to the farm, with the Bagges seeing a commercial for Tekno-Dog. Eustace remarks that they should get one, but Muriel says no one could ever replace Courage. The episode ends as Courage lets out a resounding "You fool!" and laughs away.


Main Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Roman emperor
  • Tekno-Dog


  • This episode and its title could be a reference to Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, as both involved the real biological originals (Courage and Godzilla) fight their robotic counterparts (Mecha Courage and Mechagodzilla).
  • This episode has minor swearing as Di Lung says to Courage: "You no good-ass dog, two time!"