Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

"Cowboy Courage" is part two of the tenth episode in the second season of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by David Steven Cohen, which aired October 26, 2001, following "Car Broke, Phone Yes". It is the twenty-third airing.


The episode starts on a dark night, when Courage is listening to a Western bedtime story Muriel is reading. Meanwhile, Eustace is griping about the bills and how he'll take his money to the grave with him. Muriel continues the story about the new sheriff of Dusty Little Town. Courage falls asleep and begins to dream about the story.

A pink cowpoke dog rides into Dusty Little Town on his toy horse. He is approached by the Mayor, the barber, and the butcher. The Mayor immediately appoints the dog as Sheriff of Dusty Little Town, stating that he is brave for merely arriving in town. The three men leave, giggling to themselves. Sheriff Courage is happy to get the new job and decides to go to the saloon for a drink. As he walks up to the bar, the other patrons talk about how the Sheriff is a goner, and that trouble is on the way. A big mouse buys the sheriff a root beer and explains the jeering.

Dusty Little Town has had 21 previous sheriffs that same year. They all left town due to rumors of The Whip's return. Everyone in the bar leaves upon hearing that name, including the mouse. The barmaid gives the Sheriff his drink and introduces herself as Minnie. She tells the new lawman not to worry because The Whip is dead. A year ago to the day, The Whip and his partners in crime robbed a bank. But, the other robbers double-crossed their leader and pocketed the money. Before dying, The Whip's last words were a vow to come back the following year at sundown to get his money, and no lawman could stop him. Sure enough, at sundown, the whip-wielding robber rises from the grave and heads to town.

Sheriff Courage and Minnie are having fun together at the saloon when they both hear whipping noises and evil laughter. The pair go to investigate, and are approached by the butcher and barber. Their clothing is torn and tattered, and a large "W" has been whipped into the front of their bodies. They urge the sheriff and Minnie to leave town while they can. Then, at the Mayor's house, the Sheriff and Minnie see The Whip, who is in the middle of attacking the Mayor. Sheriff Courage attempts to leave but Minnie forces him to stay.

The Whip forces the mayor to reveal the location of the stolen money. The mayor says that it is in a safe behind a portrait of Minnie. This angers the outlaw further as he assumes Minnie is "his." The Whip takes the money from the safe, but discovers Sheriff Courage and Minnie watching him. He accuses the sheriff of trying to steal Minnie away, then whips the fur off of Sheriff Courage. The lawman runs off and the Whip ties up Minnie. He prepares to leave town with her but is approached by a pink courier dog. The courier gives him a present to open. While The Whip is distracted, Courage takes Minnie to safety. The present contains a bulls-eye, which the Whip stands on. A stealth bomber flies overhead and drops a piano on the outlaw, defeating him. The townspeople and Minnie praise the sheriff for his courage.

At that moment, Muriel gently wakes Courage up. She finishes up the story for him and sets down the book. But, sitting next to them is The Whip, who tells them the story is just beginning. Courage freaks out. As the closing iris is shown, he stops freaking out as he stopped it from closing and dawns his cowboy hat again, imitating John Wayne, saying "Well, here we go again, partner."


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  • This episode's ending is vague, as we're not really sure if was a dream or not.
  • It is not fully explained how the Whip died. He only mentions that he was "set up" by his partners. This can mean:
    • The other partners set the Whip up to be killed by law enforcement during/after the bank robbery.
    • The partners made it seem like the Whip was the only one involved in the robbery and he was sentenced to death, while the others ran off with the money.