"Cowboy Courage" is part two of the tenth episode in the second season of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by David Steven Cohen, which aired October 26, 2001," following "Car Broke, Phone Yes." It is the twenty-third airing.


The episode starts on a dark night, when Courage is listening to a bedtime story Muriel is reading. The story casts Courage as a cowboy, Muriel as a waitress who serves drinks at the till in a pub, and Eustace as an outlaw known as The Whip. Courage is known for being a great cowboy, and three government people go over to Courage to award him a star for doing so. They walk away with a little giggle, and Courage is happy with himself. He walks to the pub, where lots of people mutter about him and his bravery. He goes over to the till and sees Muriel (she has a different name), who welcomes Courage, and offers him some ginger ale.


Main Characters:

Minor Characters


  • This episode's ending is vague, as we're not really sure if was a dream or not.
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