Cowboy Courage is the {{{numInSeasonWord}}} episode in [[Season {{{seasonWord}}}]] of Courage the Cowardly Dog. It aired {{{airDate}}}.


The dream starts on a dark night, when Courage is listening to a bedtime story. Muriel is reading it. The story casts are Courage as a Cowboy, Muriel as a waitress, serving drinks at the till in the pub and Eustace, known as The Whip. Courage is known a great cowboy, and three government people, go over to Courage and one of the people awards him a star, on being a great cowboy. They walk away with a little giggle, and Courage is happy with himself. Courage, chewing green coloured bubblegum, blows it, that it splats all over him, and Courage giggles to himself for what he had done. He walks to the pub, where lots of people mutter about him, about his bravery. He goes over to the till, where he sees Muriel (she has a different name). She starts welcoming the Cowboy Courage, and then offers him some Ginger Beer.




  • Whip (alternate version of Eustace)