The episode begins with Muriel, doing her laundry work, and Courage, playing with fabric softener. Muriel runs out of her homemade fabric softener, so she takes Courage for a ride downtown on Eustace's Truck to get more. Meanwhile, outside their house, a strange curtain made out of pink light sweeps across, causing a bird to get angry and throw a rock at the farmhouse.

When they get to the general store, Muriel goes to buy one of the ingredients for her homemade fabric softener. Meanwhile, Eustace is at a meat shop and the clerk is serving a little girl. However, the pink curtain hits downtown Nowhere, causing its people, except Courage and Muriel, to become cruel and wreak chaos like Eustace. Muriel goes into the meat shop and gets kicked out for saying thank you. During this ruckus, Eustace becomes nominated as mayor. When a little girl gets hit by the door of Eustace's Truck, Muriel apologizes and the police send Muriel to a rehabilitation center. There, she is in a jail cell watching a video that is supposed to make her cruel, but doesn't work on her. When the video instructs her to kill the hamster, she refuses.

Courage runs away out of Nowhere to find out where the pink curtain came while Eustace begins chasing him. Later, Courage finds the culprit: Floyd, who was cruel himself and wanted everyone to share his pain. The dog decides to put all of Muriel's homemade fabric softener ingredients into the machine producing the curtain, which changes the pink light into a blue light, turning everyone in Nowhere nice, except Eustace. Floyd then goes on to become the mayor of Nowhere. In the final scene, Eustace makes nice with the hamster, but the hamster hits him on the head with a mallet.


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