Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog


At noon, when the whole family Courage was lack of food, suddenly a newspaper flew in with a news about Free Food Forever that made the whole family happy. They called in a specialist who would provide the veggie dome and the seeds. They entered the dome to plant seeds and activate the dome. When the dome stopped working, they had a luxuriant vegetable garden and began to harvest them. But Courage discovered that the pea plants were strange and hurriedly informed Muriel. However, Muriel did not notice and she took the peas into the house to process. In the kitchen, when Muriel was preparing to cook, suddenly the peas began to attack her and Courage. Courage blocked the peas in the kitchen, but Eustace took out a cabbage and ate it raw, and the cob opened its mouth wide and grabbed Eustace's head. The peas also broke through the door and flowed to attack the Courage family.  They ran to break the dome door but to no avail. At this time, they suddenly made the tomatoes agitated and they flew to attack Eustace. Courage picked up the peeled seed packet and discovered that the vegetables had been DNA crossed with dangerous species including hornets, pythons and piranhas. Courage changed the dome to snow mode, causing the vegetables to freeze, but the tomatoes still chased so they rush into the house.  Eustace still felt the lack of food and he looked at the TV and saw a cabbage that jumped out and tore at his shoes. The vegetables began to sprout and entered the house, Courage decided to attack the vegetables but failed. Helpless, the Courage family was cornered by the vegetables, but fortunately Courage remembered that they liked the smell of Eustace's socks so Courage used that smell to make the vegetables eat each other, Eustace was happy glad that he now had food although it just the remains of vegetables eating each other. At the end of the episode, even though he ate all the food, he still felt like adding more and the house started to crack because he is too heavy for it.


  • Through this episode we know that besides meat, Eustace also likes to eat vegetables.
  • This is the second episode to use Edvard Grieg's "Morning Mood" piece. The first was Campsite of Terror.
  • Although the expert only gave them the seeds of peas, cabbage and tomatoes, in some scenes we see in the garden there are eggplants, pumpkins and gourds.

Production Notes

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on July 26, 2002, it was actually produced in 2001 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished in October of 2001.[1]