Eustace complains about not having any food in the house and they decide to call a specialist that would provide them a dome which would grow their vegetables to eat but they never knew that the vegetables were going to eat them. Muriel starts to pick vegetables and Courage wonders off as well, and smells some beans. Courage hears a "raaaaaaaa" noise from it and decides to tell Muriel. Muriel gets him wrong and says "I know you're hungry, we're just picking vegetables." They go inside, and Muriel goes into the kitchen to start cooking. Muriel tells Courage to get something and Courage goes out, feeling worried. While Muriel was at the stove, the beans crept up to her and tried to eat her. Muriel gave out a shout and Courage quickly ran to her rescue. Eustace was also attacked by an alive cabbage that smelt his feet and got attracted to him, and was also chased by a trio of tomatoes wearing headphones.