Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

That is the worst case of chicken pox I have ever seen.
―Dr. Vindaloo after being nearly eaten by an infected Muriel (Night of the Weremole)

Dr. Vindaloo is an Indian doctor described as "M.D. Quack." He is very close to the Bagge family and is one of the few people Courage considers a friend and can confide in.


Dr. Vindaloo's medical skills are lack luster and his powers of observation are arguably worse. Often, he passes off easily identifiable malignant conditions as being of no concern with the refrain: "It's nothing to worry about, nothing at all, [but] there is nothing I can do [at all]." and usually recommends his patients to "just keep soaking it" as a universal remedy.

Evidently, Dr. Vindaloo can be bribed with a high enough sum of money, as he is willing to bypass doctor-patient confidentiality in "Bad Hair Day". He has an odd habit of plucking or shaving hair from areas of his body.


Nothing much is known about Dr. Vindaloo except that he is the Bagge family's doctor.

At one point he owned an elephant, which he was seen once to ride which he appears to have lost, as he was putting up "Lost" posters in "Wrath of the Librarian".

The only episodes where Dr. Vindaloo is seen out of his normal garments are in Bad Hair Day and Muted Muriel.

Episode appearances[]



  • His surname, "Vindaloo", is derived from the Indian curry dish of the same name.
  • As he is referred to as "M.D. Quack", the definition of a "quack doctor" would mean an unqualified medical practitioner or someone impersonating to be a doctor.
    • As such, his medical advice and methods may potentially be acts of malpractice.
  • He has a habit of shaving certain hairs in his body, as seen in the episodes Muted Muriel.
  • In his first appearances, his pants were purple, but changed to a brownish green color in further episodes. The old palette can still be spotted sometimes.


"What is up with that?" - Vindaloo's response to most medical questions

"Nothing to worry about."

"Nothing at all."

"...but there's nothing I can do."

"Tangy." - after eating the "Lousy stinkin' dog food" in Muted Muriel