Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Duck Brothers are a trio of alien siblings, primarily featured in their eponymous episode.


They are aquamarine ducks with white beaks, legs and feet with antenna stalks grown on the top corners of their heads. All three brothers have a Liverpool accent. The first brother has a green neck, green eyes and green antenna balls. The second brother has a purple neck, purple eyes and purple antenna balls. And the third brother has a red neck, red eyes and red antenna balls. They lay golden eggs.


They are a very argumentative group, clashing on a multitude of arbitrary reasons, especially their tendency to lay eggs. Rather ignorant to common sense, the brothers seem to take a more complicated, assumptive route to accomplish simple tasks, a choice that they will later blame on each other. Despite this, they share a brotherly love, and are there for each other when needed. At least two of them can play guitar. In contrast to other antagonists, they made it clear that they weren't evil and didn't want to hurt anyone.


When their brother was taken by a chef, the Purple and Green ducks planned a scheme to rescue him by mind-controlling Muriel. They had almost completed their goal when the woman's dog intruded and stole their remote control. Unwilling to let their brother be cooked, they captured her husband, and returned to face the dog. A battle ensued between the possessed humans, with the Duck Brothers on the losing end. Depressed over the assured loss of their sibling, Courage offered to help them out, to their joy. He broke into the building and completed Muriel's task, and the brothers were reunited. The trio all left the Earth, arguing as usual (Ep.6-1).

Two of the brothers made a cameo in the episode Ball of Revenge: being musicians for the half-time show. It's never stated why, but they never interact with Courage or the other villains beyond this musical number. However, because Courage has helped the brothers out way earlier in their episode, it is revealed that the brothers are not antagonistic to Courage because he has helped them rescue their brother before.



  • Contrary to popular belief, the Duck Brothers are not voiced by Ringo Starr of The Beatles, as confirmed by John R. Dilworth himself in an interview with RebelTaxi of Youtube. [1]
  • The Duck Brothers' real names are Donnie, Clyde and Payne.
  • For some reason, the green-eyed duck brother doesn't return in Ball of Revenge. This is likely because he will possibly spoil and ruin the red-eyed and purple-eyed ducks' halftime musical number.
  • Given the fact that they are always laying eggs, it is possible that they may actually be female.