Dusty Little Town is a fictional Western city depicted in a novel. In Cowboy Courage, the cast of the show is input into the story, with Courage as the brave sheriff, Muriel as the bartender Minnie, and Eustace as the vicious "The Whip."


A generic society of the old west, Dusty Little Town comes suited with its very own Honky Town Rootbeer Saloon, where its residents gather for games and drinks. A curse befell the area when an infamous cowboy called the Whip was turned on by his cohordes, and swore revenge. Because of this, no sheriff was courageous enough to protect the town, and within a year, twenty-one of them had run away. The citizens became doubtful of new lawmen, to the extent that the arrival of a new one was viewed humorously. Very few people still had faith in the position. Near the town is a cemetery on Boot Hill, where the Whip was buried.

The Tale of Dusty Little Town

"The fate of Dusty Little Town rested on the shoulders of its new sheriff. The new lawman had no idea how much trouble came with his shiny new badge, for an ill wind was blowing in from the west that day, and Dusty Little Town was about to learn all about fear and courage."

One year before the events of the book, the Whip and his partners the barber, the butcher, and the mayor held over a bank. During the robbery, the crooks double-crossed him and left him for dead. Before his death, he swore revenge against those who betrayed him, and vowed to return in a year to exact that vengeance. Since that day, Dusty Little Town went through numerous sheriffs, all of which ran away out of fear of the Whip's return from the grave. A year later, a naive cowboy rolled into town, and was instantly made sheriff for his bravery in doing so. He became close friends with the keeper of the saloon, Minnie, who advised him not to worry about the rumors.

Later that night, the Whip rose from his burial ground, and began slashing his mark into his old accomplices. The twenty-second sheriff caught up with the zombie thief at the Mayor's Office, demanding to know the location of the stolen loot. He was infuriated to find that it was behind a portrait of his girlfriend, Minnie, who his former partner had taken from him. He reclaimed the money, but targeted the new lawman once he believed he was also stealing his girl. The Whip kidnapped Minnie, and was ready to leave town when the sheriff ordered an aerial assault which bombed him with a piano.

"...and the sheriff and Minnie rode off into the sunset, happily ever after."