Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Food of the Dragon is part two of the ninth episode of Season 4, following "Aqua-Farmer".

The episode was produced in 2002 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on October 25 of that year.


One day at the Bagge Farmhouse, Muriel is preparing a seafood lunch while Courage is dressed as a pirate. Muriel serves Courage and Eustace the meal; while at the table, Courage sees a green thing roaming outside, which doesn’t realize is a dragon. Courage accidentally shoots one of his shells at Eustace's lobster, knocking it down to the floor. Then suddenly, the dragon breaks through the glass window, seeming like he's going to eat Eustace... but luckily, he leaned down to grab the lobster on the floor. After all this, still Muriel doesn't realize that there is a dragon in her house. So Courage tries to tell Muriel and Eustace the news, but Muriel misunderstands everything, which leads to the dragon quickly gobbling up Eustace, at which she finally realizes.

Eventually, Muriel and Courage make it to the windmill, where they learn the dragon cannot fly, and is the only one in his family who can't. Muriel puts pity on the dragon, but the dragon claims he has no choice and he will have to eat them so he won't starve. He then starts eating part of the windmill, but Courage stops him by offering to teach flying lessons if he doesn't eat him nor Muriel. Courage and the dragon try several techniques such as jumping off the roof and practicing over a giant fan, but both fail. The dragon eventually calls off the deal and again tries to eat Courage and Muriel.

After a long chase, Courage and Muriel escape the dragon by jumping into a nearby lake, as Muriel believes if he can't fly, then maybe he can't swim either. The two suddenly encounter another dragon, who wears glasses and only eats fish. This gives Courage an idea: why doesn't he feed some fish to the dragon to satisfy his appetite? Courage lures the dragon into the lake and carries out his plan, which is a success. It's revealed that the dragon's name is William and that the dragon wearing glasses is his brother -- William's brother explains that he and William are water dragons, which is a species of dragons that swim instead of fly and eat fish/seafood instead of humans. William's brother explains that [William] got separated from their parents in a really bad storm and deduces that [William] must've been taken in by a family of flying dragons when he was too young to realize that he was a water dragon instead of a flying dragon.

Realizing who/what he really is, William releases Eustace from his stomach and he, his brother and the Bagges celebrate by eating some fish-based foods. The episode ends like the Season 1 episode, Night of the Weremole, with Eustace being eaten yet again, this time by a flying dragon.


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  • A minor detail that was previously explored before the end of the episode is that William the dragon also ate the seafood that Eustace was hoarding for himself just as he ate him.
  • This is another episode where Muriel is aware of the danger and works with Courage to prevent it. However, she was unaware there was a dragon in the farmhouse at the beginning of the episode, until she saw it with her own two eyes.