Food of the Dragon is part two of the ninth episode of Season 4, which aired on October 25, 2002 following Aqua-Farmer.

Storyline (incomplete)

In Muriel's house there is a Sea Food Sunday Lunch and in the start Courage is playing an instrument and is wearing a black eye patch on his left eye, a deep red bandana on his head and is playing a accordion. Then Muriel comes out of the kitchen and shouts "SEA FOOD LUNCH IS READY!" and Courage quickly runs to the table while Eustace is reading a newspaper and he gets up and says "LOUSY STINKING FISH, STINK!". While Courage is sitting at the table and Muriel is serving food, Courage sees a green thing which is walking around outside. Courage doesn’t realize that it's a dragon. The food that Muriel served him was shells and however Courage was struggling to take it off his nose and eventually he tried to get it off but when Eustace was eating his lobster the shell shot right at Eustace's food and then Eustace started mistreating Courage by saying "YOU DUMB DOG!". Then suddenly the dragon breaks through the glass and nearly eats up Eustace but luckily he leaned down to grab the lobster on the floor. Still Muriel doest'n realise that there is a dragon in her house. Then the dragon pops his head outside again. Then Courage tries to tell Muriel and Eustace that there is a dragon but Muriel thinks Courage is trying to say Do the sailor dance and so she does it and while she's doing that Courage quickly gets the broken table and nails it to the broken window. Muriel thinks that Courage has done that to fix the broken leak in the ship- Muriel is pretending the house to be a ship.Then suddenly the dragon peeps his head in and Muriel unable to see (because when the dragon peeped his head in the bucket went on Muriel's head. The dragon then says "FOOD!". Eustace thinks that the dragon is after the lobster and says "GET YOUR OWN FOOD, GRUB!!!". Then the dragon quickly gobbles up Eustace and Muriel takes off the bucket on her head and says, "Where's Eustace?". Then she sees the dragon and screams. "FOOD!" says the dragon and so Courage quickly picks up Muriel and runs. They walk up the windmill. Then the dragon tries to fly because Courage and Muriel were further up the windmill. But after a couple of seconds he gives up and says "Oh, I wish I could fly.". Muriel puts pity on the dragon and says to Courage, "Oh, poor dragon, he's struggling to fly." She then looked down and said to the dragon "I am sorry Mr Dragon, I know you can't fly, but you can't eat us!!!". The Dragon starts lamenting about being the only member in his family who can't fly and says he is sorry that he will have to eat them, but that he will not starve himself either. He then starts eating windmill causing Muriel and Courage to fall of it and finally corners them, but Courage stops The Dragon by offering to teach him how to fly if he doesn't eat them. They try several techniques such as jumping off the roof and practicing over a giant fan, but both fail. The Dragon eventually calls off the deal and still tries to eat Courage and Muriel. After a long chase, Courage and Muriel escape The Dragon by jumping into a nearby lake (Muriel:"Courage! Look! The lake! If he can't fly, then maybe he can't swim either!"). They suddenly encounter another dragon, who wears glasses and only fish. This gives Courage an idea and he feeds the fish to The Dragon so he won't eat them and lures him into the lake. It is then revealed that The Dragon is William, a long lost member of the water dragons (dragons that swim instead of flying and eat fish instead of people) who got lost from his family and been raised by flying dragons. Realizing the truth about himself, William opens a hatch in his stomach to release Eustace from his body. The Bagges celebrate by eating fish along with William and the nerdy dragon (who is William's brother) just as Eustace got eaten again, this time by a flying dragon.