Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

"Forbidden Hat of Gold" is part two of the eighth episode in the second season of Courage the Cowardly Dog, written by David Steven Cohen, which aired on May 18, 2001," following "Bad Hair Day" and is the twenty-first episode overall.


Eustace finds Horst's map, leading to a hat made of gold. He takes Muriel and Courage along, leading them all into danger. 


Eustace is watching a show about the legendary Forbidden Hat of Gold. The relic was discovered by an explorer who had made a map of where to find it. But, the map and the hat have not been seen in years. The explorer is revealed to be Eustace's older brother, Horst. Eustace is ecstatic at this news and searches the house for the map. He finds it under the mattress and thinks aloud how he'll find the hat and be rich. He says he won't tell Muriel or Courage about it, but at that moment, they both enter the room. Muriel asks what Eustace is talking about, and Eustace tells them they're all going on "vacation."

The Bagges travel through a dense jungle and arrive at a massive stone temple. Eustace tells Muriel it is their hotel, but she and Courage have their doubts. At the temple's entrance is a sign bearing a warning:

Whomever steps inside this place

Must vanity and greed erase

For if you're vain, well that's no good

Signed, all of us who wear a hood.

P.S. We warned you.

From this, Muriel concludes that people who are either greedy or vain don’t deserve to be in or around the temple’s sacred ground. Eustace, of course, ignores this and they enter the temple. After some walking, they see the Hat of Gold. Eustace takes it from its pedestal, and causes the tunnel they are in to start collapsing. The family runs away to find another exit but are subjected to various booby traps. After barely escaping being crushed by a giant watermelon, they exit the tunnels, only to run into the monks that live in the temple. The Bagges are captured and put in chains.

The monk leader orders them to return the relic or be sacrificed. Eustace thinks they are bluffing and denies that he has the hat. The monks take away Muriel, and bring her to the center of the temple. Courage pleads with one of the monks to let him out of their prison cell. The monk scolds him for not paying attention to the poem at the temple's entrance. This gives Courage an idea, and he breaks out of the cell.

The leader monk has Muriel tied to a stake before a giant stone statue. After some chanting, the statue gets up and starts moving towards Muriel. Courage pulls out a cellphone and makes a call. A delivery truck arrives and delivers lots of boxes to Courage, including a giant one. Courage takes the giant box and presents it to the Golem. The Golem opens it and pulls out a fluffy white coat. The monks are all impressed with it, and the Golem imagines himself being adored by paparazzi. Courage gives the rest of the boxes to the monks, all containing fluffy white coats. The displays of vanity cause the Golem and the temple to start to crumble to pieces. Courage frees Muriel and they make their escape on a boat.

In the aftermath of the temple's collapse, Eustace pulls himself from the rubble. He notices no one else is around, and pulls the forbidden hat out of his regular hat. He puts it on his head in triumph, but the hat turns out to be cursed, as Eustace then turns into stone and crumbles to pieces. It ends the episode when Eustace shouts "Stupid hat!", likely due to showing not only how greedy and pride he is, but also not paying attention to the poem, and he is punished for his actions.


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  • When the Island Monks return to take Muriel, one hears a Gregorian Latin chant: "Gloria in Excelsis Deo".

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on May 18, 2001, it was actually produced in 2000 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished on November 10, 2000.[2]