Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Hello new friend, my name is Fred, the words you hear are in my head. I say, I said my name is Fred - and I've been... very naughty.
―Fred's first appearance (Freaky Fred)

Fred is Muriel's nephew who first appears in the episode "Freaky Fred" to visit his aunt. Though Muriel seems quite fond of him, he is disliked by Eustace who calls him a "Freak" and by Courage who is terrified of him. Eustace calls Fred a "Freak" and said in reference to him: "The freak's a barber, a freaky barber, with his own freaky barber shop, where freaky things happen, freaky barber things." He is considered to be one of the scariest villains in the series Courage has faced.


Freaky fred

Freaky Fred arriving at the Bagge’s

Fred first realized his compulsion when he was given a hamster as a pet. He cut all of its fur off. Later in his life, he fell in love with a girl named Barbara who had "a mane untamed". They held a steady relationship, until one night he shaved her head, causing her to end the relationship. After that, he vowed to control his addiction. However, the arrival of a long-bearded man into his barber shop was an irresistible temptation for him and he too was shaven.

Fred was then committed to the Home for Freaky Barbers mental institution. During his vacation time, he chose to visit his aunt and her husband. During this stay, he was locked in the bathroom with Courage and slowly trimmed his hair until nothing but a patch of fur on his tail remained and a message that said, "With love, Fred". The asylum police arrived and took him away, as Fred looked back on the farmhouse with a freaky smile, while saying his goodbyes through his thoughts. Fred got taken away in a white van and started to piece together his day with Courage and the memories of shaving his fur.

Later, Fred makes a cameo on "Ball of Revenge", when Courage turns on the TV after defeating his enemies in a dodgeball game. He holds his razor and says "Courage..." with his signature grin.


Fred wears an olive suit with a purple necktie and always carries a briefcase, that contains his precious electric shaver. He has blond hair, blond eyebrows, green eyes, and is characteristically seen wearing a wide, unnerving smile.

His body has a thin build which serves to make his head - particularly his face - appear larger.


Fred's dominant trait is his Trichotemnomania; an obsession with cutting/shaving people's hair to the point of complete baldness. He appears to be able to control his compulsions to a certain degree, but can't help himself when the opportunity is too great.

Despite this, Fred is generally a very polite and intelligent man. He never raises his voice and is usually seen smiling. He speaks in a well mannered and eerie tone with an English accent. He is quite fond of his Aunt Muriel, keeping a framed photo of her in his briefcase and refers to her as his "dear Aunt". He appears to like Eustace as well, even if he later likes him because he shaves Courage. Eustace locks Fred in the bathroom with Courage, who becomes his shaving victim, but he's never very rough with him, aside from stuffing his mouth with pancakes at one point.

Fred reminisces in rhyme, speaking three rhymed sentences and ending the fourth one with "naughty".



  • "Naughty..."
  • "Courage..."
  • " Now Now, You shouldn't play in the toilet."
  • "The look upon my young love's face was sweet as lace... But in this case I realized that she... needed space."
  • "Courage... your hair... it reminds me of the first time I knew just how I felt about hair."
  • "I never more was naughty... well... maybe not never."
  • "With love, Fred."