The Great Fusilli is an anthropomorphic alligator voiced by Jim Cummings. He made his first and only appearance as the primary antagonist in The Great Fusilli.

He has a thick Italian accent and owns a magical traveling theater that he uses to search for potential stars to induct into his troupe, luring them in with the prospects of fame and fortune. A hypnotic spotlight and an invisible audience draw victims into the act, and once they're spellbound, magical strings fall from the mouths of the theater masks above the stage, latching onto the victims and turning them into wooden marionettes. The victims retain sentience and autonomy for only moments after their transformation.

When his travels brought him to Nowhere, he attempted to add MurielEustace, and "The Cute Little Doggy" (which is Courage) into his act. He ensnared Muriel with the lure of fame and Eustace with the lure of fortune. Courage was apprehensive at first but soon found himself interested in the performance...until he stumbled upon the storage room where Fusilli kept his transformed victims. Upon seeing the empty hooks labeled 'Eustace', 'Muriel', and 'Doggy', he rushed back to the stage, but was too late; the magic strings ensnared Eustace and Muriel and transformed them. Fusilli chased after Courage, who fled and hid in a powder container. Then he charged back to the stage, where Fusilli was playing with his new marionettes, but Courage accidentally scared him with the powder covering his body, giving him the appearance of a phantom. Fusilli jumped from the balcony, and Courage dragged Eustace and Muriel away. When Fusilli got to his feet, his own magic ensnared him, transforming him into a marionette as well.


  • Fusilli's name comes from a type of pasta.
  • He is not part of Ball of Revenge.


  1. The Great Fusilli