The General is a recurring character in the show. He is a military major general [1] usually seen fighting with his lieutenant sidekick.


Courage the Fly

Courage overhears the General and his lieutenant talking about a falling satellite headed straight for the Bagge farmhouse. Later on in the episode they reveal how to go inside the satellite to change its route. But Courage accidentally makes it head straight for them.

Mission to the Sun

The General appears as a hologram inside the spaceship with Courage, Muriel and Eustace. He tells Courage how to stop the sun from exploding. But since he couldn't understand what the General was saying the computer had to translate

Katz Under the Sea

The General is seen fighting with the Lieutenant in the Pentagon, discussing locating the leak of top secret information. When Courage enters, they mistake him for the pizza man. After he leaves with the Nowhere Newsman, the General sees the report on Tea-&-Tea and demands that word not get out.

Le Quack Balloon

The General and the Lieutenant were both fighting each other so much that they didn't notice Le Quack stealing from the big Swedish bank.

Muriel Blows Up

Courage who is uncontrollably growing gets help from the General who is the only one who knows how to disarm the time bomb carrot before it explodes. Courage eats the general and swallows him whole, inside he successfully disarms the carrot, Courage then coughs up the giant carrot and the General. The Lieutenant informs him that had cut the wrong wire with it being too late as Eustace eats the carrot and quickly grows and explodes, blowing up the entire Area 51 base.

Last of the Starmakers

This is the second time the General is portrayed as a villain. In this episode, the general captures the last of the Starmakers and separated her from her eggs, he also arrests Muriel for trying to rescue her. He appears again at the end of the episode to ensure Muriel and Courage won't tell anyone about the Starmakers and blasting off Eustace to the sky by the money that was made with secret experimental rocket fuel.


  • It is unknown why the General was guarding a Swedish bank.
  • The General's mustache often switches colors.
  • The General is very similar in appearance to other recurring characters that appear throughout the series, including Professor Frith and The Captain.


  1. His should straps depict two stars.
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