Hard Drive Courage is part one of the fourth episode of Season Three (episode thirty), which aired June 7, 2002 preceding The Ride of the Valkyries.

Plot Outline

Eustace is very ill and Muriel has trouble finding a cure for him. She first tries her special gelatin, but Eustace spits it out and throws up when Muriel tells him there is vinegar in it. She then gets the idea to try Artichoke Syrup Soup, but is unable to find the recipe. Courage and Muriel go to the computer for the recipe, but have to wait 43 hours for it to download. Courage leaves the room to go have cookies and milk while the recipe is downloading. Meanwhile, the Computer becomes infected by a virus. Muriel goes to check if Courage has found the recipe. When she gets there the computer instructs her to "push button 'X'". She complies and presses the "X" key, which causes her to be digitized and sucked into the computer just as Courage walks in, leaving him devastated.

Courage uses the scanner to get into the computer to save Muriel. He ends up in a large reflective room where he notices an exit where Muriel is. Courage goes to her, but the virus appears and takes her away. While searching for her, he is attacked by a flying iron mouth and a snake-like computer mouse. He eventually escapes into the room where Muriel is held captive by the hard drive virus, which Courage notices is very ill. The Monster hard drive summons a ram that shatters Courage into bits and then summons several small mechanical creatures to finish him off, but Courage reforms himself into a large mace and destroys them. The virus then summons Bill - the computer hard drive itself which attacks Courage with the razors it has on its back. When it corners him he shapeshifts into a soda and sprays the device with pop, incapacitating it. Muriel asks the Monster hard drive if it has tried Artichoke Syrup Soup and it replies that he did and it didn't work. Courage suggests Muriel's gelatin and uses the telephone line to take it from the bedside table next to Eustace. The gelatin works and the computer is rid of the virus. Eustace also begins to make a recovery thanks to the Artichoke Syrup Soup which he enjoys until Muriel mentions there is vinegar in it.



  • A 3D model of Courage appears in the episode.
  • Several things appeared on the Computer's screen during the infection.
    • A game of Pong
    • A picture of a hockey court
    • A baseball bat and ball
    • A nonsensical equation: "6 X 4 = BOB"
    • And a television color test screen.
  • One scene in this episode implies that Courage has a bookmark or folder linked to internet porn. He quickly tears the hotkey out of his keyboard. 


  • When the computer is infected and asks Muriel to push button "X," the screen reads "JEST POOSH BUTTON 'X'" (misspelled over "Just push button 'X'). Muriel pushed what would normally be the "CTRL" key to show a picture.