Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • (The episode begins with Eustace lying on the bed very sick.)
  • Eustace: (sneezes) AHHHHHHHH CHOO! (groans)
  • (Muriel takes the thermometer off Eustace's mouth.)
  • Muriel: Poor Eustace, you're burning up. Courage, pass me my special remity.
  • Courage: Mhm. (Gets a plate with pills, test tubes and gelatin.)
  • Muriel: Now Eustace, just try a bite of my special gelatin. See it jiggle? (laughs as she jiggles the gelatin) Just one bite.
  • Eustace: I don't ne.. eh AHHHHHHH CHOO! (sneeze on the gelatin) Well... I suppose.
  • (Muriel shoves a scoop of gelatin into Eustace's mouth.)
  • Eustace: OOOOOOOOHHHHH! (spits out the gelatin) What's in there anyway?
  • Muriel: Oh, just a wee drop of... vinegar.
  • (Eustace grabs Courage's medical hat and vomits.)
  • Muriel: Oh, Courage what can I do? I tried every remity I can think of. Except, what was it?
  • (Eustace hands back Courage his medical hat filled with vomit.)
  • Muriel: Oh, yes! Artichoke syrup soup! How does that sound Eustace?
  • Eustace: Anything but these... (pulls up shirt to reveal 2 giant leeches) leeches!
  • Muriel: Lets see... I know that artichoke syrup soup recipe is around here somewhere. Any luck Courage?
  • Courage: Nuh uh.
  • Muriel: Hmm. Now this looks promising. Let's see. Aardvark syrup soup. Armageddon syrup soup. Artichoke syrup soup! There it is. Oh. Oh, Courage. Where on Earth are we supposed to find that recipe now?
  • [ Computer: Ohhh. I see you brought your mommy.