Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Henry and Teresa are the overarching protagonists of Courage the Cowardly Dog. They are lost parents of Courage who were tragically taken from him during his infancy.


Like their son, Henry and Teresa both have pink fur and black spots. Henry has a brown mustache and fuzzy eyebrows. Teresa has eyelashes, gray ears, and red lipstick. She has a blue purse, a yellow hat with a white flower, and a pair of yellow high-heel shoes.


Henry and Teresa were kind and loving parents to Courage, teaching him how to play with a ball and going on trips to the park with him. However, they were somewhat easily distracted when Courage became stuck in the fence.

As kindhearted dogs, they had a strong sense of justice, eagerly joining the other space dogs in mauling the Vet for sending them to an unnamed planet and separating them from their son.

On the unproduced "Before Courage" pilot, although loving to her son, Teresa (renamed Hope) reveals to be highly intellectual on scientific facts and can be stubborn from admitting her own faults; influenced by her childhood wanting to please her uptight mother. Despite this, she does show signs of caring as she realized that she is flawed as well and shouldn't judge the goblins for their ill-mannered behavior.


Henry and Teresa are two caring pink dogs who took baby Courage to the vet after an accident while playing fetch. However, the Cruel Veterinarian put them in a rocket ship and planned to shoot them into space as part of experiment to turn earth dogs into stronger space dogs. With this, Henry and Teresa begged to not be taken away from their child.

Courage tried to free his parents but was spotted by the evil vet. The vet attempted to capture Courage as well, who was able to escape into the garbage chute. Courage dismayingly watched his parents being shot off into space and mourned that he would never see them again.

Years later, after Courage shoved the evil vet into his rocket which resulted in him being launched inside into space, the Cruel Veterinarian ended up on the planet where he had sent all his canine patients to over the years. All the dogs survived the trip to space and were most upset to see the vet, including Henry and Teresa, who were looking for some payback the most. The dogs then proceeded to maul the Cruel Vet off-screen.


  • In the unproduced pilot for Before Courage, "Goblins of Litter", their names are Noble and Hope. Their designs are otherwise only minimally altered.[1]