Human Habitrail is part one of the fifth episode of Season 2, which aired February 23, 2001 preceding Mission to the Sun.


It's time for spring cleaning at the Bagge house, and just as Muriel gripes about the dust, Dr. Gerbil, a mad scientist posing as a travelling vacuum cleaner salesman, knocks on their door. He offers Muriel one of his products free of charge, but instead of cleaning dust, the vacuum shrinks Muriel and Eustace and contains them inside the dust bag. Dr. Gerbil then takes them to his underground laboratory, where he performs several disturbing experiments on them, so that he can improve his line of products. Once again, Courage must save his family, but in order to do so, he must endure a seemingly never-ending tour of Dr. Gerbil's cosmetics line...




  • This is the first time that Muriel goes bald, the second time is in the very next episode, Mission to the Sun.

Cultural references and parodies

  • Courage's boat ride is a parody of "It's a Small World," a ride in Disney theme parks.

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