Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Ickett Bagge is Horst's and Eustace's late father, Ma Bagge's husband, and Muriel Bagge's father-in-law.


Besides his long beard, Ickett looks almost identical to his son, Eustace but wore no hat. Due to this, it was only sensible that the Sand Whale mistook his son for him.

He may have had big feet, as his shoes were giant compared to his son.


Ickett had an accordion that the Sand Whale fought him for in a crooked card game. He is mentioned in the episode "The Sand Whale Strikes."

"The Sand Whale Strikes" is the first and only appearance of Ickett Bagge and The Sand Whale -- although Ickett's only seen through a photograph (and is also stated to have long since passed away).


It's unknown what he was like when it came to his personality -- but given what his wife and their sons are/were like, it's very likely that he was a a mean-spirited/unpleasant person when he was alive.

He apparently was very brave and big; as his Ma quotes, "You couldn't fill his shoes!" This is no exaggeration, as his shoes were rather giant, compared to his son. it's revealed that Ickett looked identical to Eustace, but with a bushy white beard and no hat.

He also may have been a cheater, as the sand whale accused him of cheating him in a crooked card game.


  • It's unknown what kind of relationship he had with either of his sons.
  • He appeared to have had a good relationship with his wife, as she complimented his bravery.
  • It is unknown what terms he was on with his daughter-in-law.