Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Invisible Muriel is the fourth episode of Season Two and the seventeenth episode in total. It aired on January 19, 2001. It follows "Courage Meets the Mummy".


A government facility captures Muriel after Courage gives her a magical gem that turns her invisible. The cure must be found in time to save her.


Courage is digging in the yard and finds a shiny blue gemstone. He takes it and brings it to the farmhouse, not realizing he is being watched. Muriel is inside working on her dog food recipe (which Eustace eats accidentally assuming it was his dinner). She plans to enter it in a local contest. Courage presents her with the gem and Muriel makes it into a necklace for herself.

Later that evening, Muriel has become opaque due to the effects of the stone. Meanwhile, a satellite is monitoring the hole where the gemstone was found. It feeds the data to the local "secret" government facility. A pair of officials discuss the stone's disappearance and track it to the farmhouse. They brief some agents about their mission: retrieve the invisibility stone and whoever has worn it.

The next day, Muriel is completely invisible except her clothes. Courage calls up Dr. Vindaloo to see if he can do anything. The doctor tells him to remove the stone from Muriel's neck, but doing so does not make her visible. He asks Courage to bring the stone to him so he can run some tests. But, the family is soon interrupted by the Federal Agents. They take Muriel away to the government facility and start interrogating her about where the stone is. She assumes they are trying to steal her dog food recipe, and refuses to tell them anything.

At Dr. Vindaloo's office, he says that someone needs to wear the necklace and disappear so he can find the antidote. Eustace volunteers Courage, but the doctor states that the stone has no effect on dogs. He puts the stone on Eustace and tells Courage to look for Muriel. This journey sends Courage around the world. Vindaloo tries some painful tests on Eustace, but none seem to work. They break for lunch and eat some sandwiches, but Eustace spits his out, stating that they are filled with Muriel's dog food. The meat lands on Eustace's body and causes him to become visible again.

Courage's journey leads him to the "secret" government facility where Muriel is...right across the hall from Dr. Vindaloo's clinic. Courage enters the clinic and tells the doctor he has found Muriel and Vindaloo tells him that dog food will make Muriel visible again. In order to sneak into the facility and rescue Muriel, Eustace becomes invisible again and strips down to his hat(where Courage is hiding) and glasses. He makes his way inside and gets distracted by the the gold storage room. Courage heads off on his own to find Muriel, but is chased by the Agents. He breaks into the room where Muriel is and throws the dog food on her, making her visible again. The agents enter the room, but can't find Courage or the invisible lady. They send the visible Muriel and her "protruding apron" out of the facility, and assume the stone is gone for good. They decide to move onto another project: making gold statues.

Later, Courage buries the invisibility stone and Muriel wins her dog food contest. The government agents unveil their gold statue to the crowd, and it's revealed to be Eustace, who had an unfortunate trip to the gold smelter, where he was eventually killed and turned into the golden statue that he is now. Considering he is now covered in pure gold, despite his inability to move, he doesn't mind one bit.



  • When the Federal Agents were seen chasing after Courage in their search for the invisibility stone, they did not pay any close attention to Dr. Vindaloo holding it.
  • When Eustace is invisible the second time, Dr. Vindaloo tells him not to wear any clothes (except his hat and glasses). But when he was turned into a gold statue, he's wearing boxers possibly to cover up his lower regions due to censorship.

Production Notes[]

  • The first draft of the episode's script was written on February 4, 2000.[1]
  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on January 19, 2001, it was actually produced in 2000 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished on September 15, 2000.[2]