Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Ivana is a minor character who is friends with Snowman, Jimbo and Hohouser.

Snowman’s Revenge[]

In Snowman's Revenge, she melted with Jimbo and Hohouser from the heat, but Snowman survived. Courage reattaches the gas to block the heat, and uses Eustace's pants as a parachute. Landing in the snow, he sees Jimbo, Hohouser, and Ivana come back to life. Courage receives a letter from them and he delivers it to Snowman. Courage, back home, whistles to Ivana to come into the farmhouse and Snowman leaves with her, with a final goodbye from Courage.

The ice and snow melts in Nowhere as they leave and Eustace notices his pants are missing, to which Courage laughs and responds that he gave the pants to Hohouser.

Snowman ends up with Ivana and Jimbo when Hohouser arrives and he is seen wearing his new hat (Eustace's pants) as they laugh together.


  • Ivana was seen in a picture in The Snowman Cometh it shows her stick arms are the same color as Snowman's, but in Snowman's Revenge, her arms and eyes are different in colors.
  • There is another character named Ivana who is a wooden reindeer carved and named by Robot Randy.
  • Her name is based off Ivana Skracic, one of the color stylists of the show.


Ivana's portrait from The Snowman Cometh

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