Jeeves Weevil is a refined insect who becomes the Bagges butler in Evil Weevil.


He is dresses in the typical garb of a butler or English Gentlemen complete with a top hat, white shirt and tie, and a buttoned coat (which alternates between dark blue and purple).


The typical behavior of an Englishman in servitude, Jeeves is polite and well-educated in the art of pleasing and waiting on his guests. Underneath this act, however, is the intent to consume human life-force slowly and covertly. Despite his nature, the evil weevil actually excels at devouring repulsive foods, including old, rancid boiled broccoli.

Episode appearances

  1. Freaky Fred (cameo in Courage's thought bubble)
  2. Evil Weevil


  • He studied at the "Bad Taste Academy" of "Mold-on-Crumpet".
  • He is the second main antagonist to be an arthropod; the first being Schwick.
  • His personality is similar to that of Swayzak from Toonami's, however, Swayzak wasn't refined in his first (and most well known) appearance, that trait being derived from other material he appeared in.
  • For many years, there was a common misconception that Jeeves was voiced by the late Tony Jay, known well for his deep, sinistervoice, and for playing villains such as Judge Claude Frollo from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. The exact reasoning behind this misconception is unclear beyond their voices sounding similar.
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