Journey to the Center of Nowhere is part two of the twelfth episode of Season One, which aired March 23, 2000, following The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space.


An army of eggplants beneath the farm plots revenge on Muriel for cooking their people. Courage infiltrates their headquarters and tries to change their minds.


On the Bagge farm, the well is out of water, much to their dismay, as Muriel is getting ready to cook her famous eggplant surprise. Meanwhile, underground, an army of angry eggplants are plotting revenge on Muriel for cooking their people. While Courage is digging a new well, he discovers the eggplants' hideout and hears their secret plan to kill Muriel. Courage runs to tell Muriel, dressing up as an eggplant and demonstrating as he usually does, but she doesn't understand. Eustace then scolds the dog for slacking off of the digging of the well, and throws him down into the hole, where Courage (still dressed in his eggplant costume from when he tried to warn Muriel) drops down from above into the hideout. The eggplants mistake him for the Great Eggplant, the leader of the army, and Courage devises a plan to change their minds about killing Muriel, because the eggplants do whatever the Great Eggplant says. He almost succeeds, but the eggplants catch him in his phony act, and tie him up. Then the army goes, traps Eustace, and captures Muriel and while they are arguing on how to cook her, Courage escapes and runs to his trusty computer to look for answers. He discovers that eggplants only attack when they need water. The well had run dry so the eggplants were getting angry. Courage gets an idea and while the eggplants are still arguing, Courage digs to find water. He is successful and manages to get the well working again. Water flows from the pump and the eggplants are relieved and release Muriel. Then Muriel is dismayed when she realizes she will have to cook all the now friendly eggplants. Instead, Courage opts to enter them in a contest and they win first prize, while Eustace (still buried in the ground from when the eggplants trapped him) wins second.



  • The music where Courage is telling the eggplants what to do is used in the Noodles and Nedd short Catch of the Day.
  • The music that is heard in title and is played in the eggplant scenes is Ride of Valkyries

Cultural references

  • The title is a parody of The Journey to the Center of Earth.