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King of Flan is the first part of the 39th episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. The episode aired on August 9, 2002.


The episode starts with Muriel and Eustace Bagge watching TV while Courage is sleeping on Muriel's lap. A commercial for Flantastic Flan appears and hypnotizes Eustace and Muriel into wanting Flan. Courage then wakes up to a crash in the kitchen and finds Muriel and Eustace searching for flan when they start questioning Courage for some. The three go into town searching for more flan when Courage discovers that everyone in Nowhere has been hypnotized and is trying to get flan. Muriel and Eustace (after raiding the supermarket of flan) steal a flan delivery truck and return home to gorge themselves on flan. In the morning, Courage reads a package of flan and he learns the location of the Flan King and his studio he takes the truck that Eustace and Muriel stole and travels to the studio. After getting inside he watches a live broadcast by the Flan King which hypnotizes him and another man. The Flan King throws flan in the middle of the room at Courage and the man. Courage starts to resist the flan. The Flan King roles up into a ball and starts to roll after Courage. After a lengthy chase, the Flan King and Courage starts to climb his station's tower when the Flan King throws more flan at Courage and Courage throws it up on him causing the Flan King to slip off the tower. The Flan Kings grabs onto a wire connecting to a rotating TV with a picture of his face atop the TV tower. The TV proceeds to break off the tower causing the Flan King and the TV to fall to the bottom of the Flan King's studio. The TV then hypnotizes the Flan King into wanting flan and Courage gives him some. Then using the Flan King's equipment, Courage makes a commercial which frees everyone from the Flan King's spell. The end of the episode shows Courage and the Flan King eating flan in the Flan King's studio.


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