Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Kitty is a female brown cat who was featured as a main character and secondary antagonist in the two-part episode "The Mask".


Kitty's intense hatred of dogs stems from her resentment towards Mad Dog for his cruel treatment of her companion, Bunny. After Mad Dog drove Kitty out of her home and threatened to kill her if Kitty ever returned, she began sporting a mask to symbolize her disconnect from reality. She also began manifesting her frustration towards other dogs, such as when she began beating Courage immediately upon their first encounter. However, Kitty realized her prejudice against dogs was uncalled for after Courage saved Bunny from Mad Dog.

Kitty's deeply embedded resentment results in her moodiness and bouts of anger, as when Eustace told Kitty to take her mask off she responded by smashing her plate on the table and stormed away. Regardless, it seems that Kitty has a relatively amicable personality when it comes to unobtrusive matters as she easily befriended Muriel.

Kitty is also vigilant in targeting the flaws and secrets in other people's lives and is uninhibitedly blunt in speaking of her observations, as the episode "The Mask" is about the self-serving distortions of reality.

Above all, Kitty's devotion is to her companion Bunny as she deeply treasures their relationship - once Kitty discovered her toy mouse was missing, Kitty also demonstrates immense strength by breaking out of her room to recollect her mouse.


Kitty is cat with green eyes and a solid medium brown fur coat. Her tail color ranges is ombré medium brown to light brown.

While dressed as the Mask, Kitty is greatly differs from her unmasked version as she resembles a ghostly human. The white mask that Kitty wears resembles a sock and buskin theatre mask that covers Kitty's head entirely. The mask is shaped as an inverted triangle with an expressionless face painted with feminine makeup and wide violet eyes. Additionally, Kitty wears a white dress that completely covers her except for her paws. By the end of the episode however, Kitty is seen without the mask or clothes.

In Courage's imagination, the mask has a vicious expression of glaring, slanted eyes and bared rows of pointy teeth.


Based on Kitty's account, growing up on the Wrong Side of the Tracks was bearable with Bunny by her side. When Bunny began dating the abusive Mad Dog, however, she attempted to convince Bunny to leave her unhealthy relationship. As a result, Kitty was unable to support Bunny any longer after Mad Dog threatened to kill her if she was ever found in their vicinity.

Kitty eventually arrives at the Bagge Farmhouse. Upon her first meeting with Courage, she attacks the family's dog with a sink. Despite this, she was invited inside by the farmer's wife Muriel for tea and an overnight stay. Kitty opened up to the couple at lunch, but when she was challenged to face her problems, Kitty angrily smacks her plate onto the floor and trails off, re-emphasizing her hatred for dogs. Later at dinner with the Bagges when Kitty is told that she must face reality, she fires back that everyone is in denial of their own delusions exposing Muriel's secret overconsumption of sweets at night and her husband Eustace's failure as a mechanic despite his boasts.

After Kitty takes off her mask to sleep, she awakens to find her toy mouse missing and her room door locked. Panicked at her missing gift, Kitty lowered herself down the window to find Courage, whom she correctly infers stole her toy. Kitty takes the train to find Bunny and arrives just in time to see Bunny and Courage after their pursuit with Mad Dog. Kitty calls out Bunny's name and hoists her up to the caboose. The two have a heartwarming reunion as Kitty admits she was wrong for discriminating against dogs, and thanks Courage as the train speeds away.


In the episode, it is unclear whether Kitty and Bunny are romantically involved but it is clearly evident that they have shared an enduring and powerful companionship with each other since childhood.

Kitty and Bunny are friends of Charlie, the rat diner owner. She also appears to make friends with ease, as seen with Muriel and Eustace. By the end of "The Mask", Kitty is also on good terms with Courage.

Her enemies include Mad Dog and his minions.



  • "Dogs are evil."
  • "I simply don't wish to face reality."
  • "Where is it? Who stole it? It was that DOG. They're all alike. They steal what you love the most."
  • "I was wrong, Bunny. Not all dogs are bad. Now we can be best friends forever!"



  • Kitty is a Lesbian.
  • Kitty and Bunny are some of the most popular characters on the show.
  • John R. Dilworth confirmed that Kitty and Bunny are canonically a couple. Kitty is a Lesbian and Bunny is Bisexual.