Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Librarian is an antagonist in the episode Wrath of the Librarian who operates the Library in the town of Nowhere.


An elder woman picking the librarian stereotype, she is dressed a grey suit with matching skirt and light-grey shirt. her hair is completely white and mounted in a big knot in the top of her head, curling in the front. she has a gaunt face with purple lipsticks and crimson glasses.


Not much is seen about her personality, she takes her job very seriously with extreme measures such as cursing those who break the library rules such as paying overdue books and charging every penny (even astronomical amounts such as 10,000 dollars) for the fee. Her curse seems to be a long "Shhhhhhhhhhh" that travels through the air to the intended target.


The Librarian is the proprietor of a mobile library, which resembles a full sized library with lion statues on the front and everything, but miniature, and with only a window through which the Librarian hands out or receives books.

She made an appearance in Wrath of the Librarian, when Courage finds that he has a 2 years passed due library book. Taking it to the mobile library, the Librarian refuses to accept it back until he pays the overdue fee, which by now is several thousand dollars in value. Courage has no money, and so leaves to find some. The librarian ,in the meantime, curses the book that he possesses, which later causes Muriel and Eustace to mutate into the two title characters of the book.

As Courage tries to stop the two of them from causing mayhem in town, the return fee continues to increase. Courage tries to appeal to the Librarian, but she denies him, pointing out the ever growing return charge. Eventually, Courage uses Muriel and Eustace, who have taken their fairyland antics to a zoo, as a show in order to charge money from a gathering crowd. taking up 10,000 dollars, the then price for the overdue fee, Courage attempts to pay off the book, only to find he is one cent under. He pulls a penny from his foot, and tosses it on. The Librarian stamps the book, and ends the curse, causing Muriel and Eustace to revert to normal.
As the crowd cheers the happy ending, the Librarian pokes her head out of a snake's mouth, and shushes them.

The Librarian never speaks, but does frequently tell people, mostly Courage, "Shh!"


  • She has the same theme song as Fred.