Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

This is a list of all Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes.

Pilot: 1996[]

Episode # Airdate Title Villains

Pilot February 18, 1996 "The Chicken from Outer Space" Space Chicken

Season 1: 1999-2000[]

Episode# Airdate Title Villains The End Title Card stingers/quotes
1 November 12, 1999
December 17, 1999[1]
"A Night at the Katz Motel" Katz A whispering sound that sounds like "En garde" along with Courage's chuckles
"Cajun Granny Stew" Cajun Fox Cajun Fox's theme, along with "Oh yeah!"
2 November 19, 1999 "The Shadow of Courage" Shadow (former) A 3-note dramatic sting
"Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist" Le Quack Le Quack's line: "Dirty dog."
3 August 21, 1999[2]
November 26, 1999
"Courage Meets Bigfoot" Eustace Bagge A music from where Courage and the Bigfoot dances
"Hothead" Eustace Bagge Rumbling sound from Eustace before he explodes with laughing sounds
4 December 3, 1999 "The Demon in the Mattress" Mattress Demon Mattress Demon snarls
"Freaky Fred" Freaky Fred None
5 November 12, 1999[3]
December 17, 1999
"Night of the Weremole" Weremole Werewolf howls
"Mother's Day" None A 3-note from the harp
6 December 10, 1999[4] "The Duck Brothers" The Duck Brothers (former) One of the Duck Brothers says "Caffeine"
"Shirley the Medium Box Demon An organ-like stinger
7 January 7, 2000[5] "King Ramses' Curse" King Ramses A line from "The Man in Gauze", "King Ramses, The man in gauze!"
"The Clutching Foot" Big Toe Big Toe's line: "Or the fat lady gets it, say?"
8 January 14, 2000[6] "The Hunchback of Nowhere" Eustace Bagge None
"The Gods Must Be Goosey" Goose God (former) None
9 January 21, 2000[7] "Queen of the Black Puddle" Black Puddle Queen None
"Everyone Wants to Direct"

Benton Tarantella,
Errol Von Volkheim,
Eustace Bagge

A 4-note trombone sound
10 January 28, 2000[8] "The Snowman Cometh" The Snowman Yelling from The Snowman's theme
"The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Lovable Duckling" Duckling,
Eustace Bagge
The choir says "Wah-wah!"
11 February 18, 2000[9] "Heads of Beef" None Courage screaming
"Klub Katz" Katz None
12 June 9, 2000[10] "The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space" Space Chicken,
Eustace Bagge
Space Chicken's theme
"Journey to the Center of Nowhere" Bobby Ganoush,
Ratatouille (former)
A music where Courage trains the eggplants
13 July 14, 2000[11] "Little Muriel" None Little Muriel's theme
"The Great Fusilli" Fusilli Fusili's theme

Opening Sequence Villains[]

Season 1
Schwick, McPhearson Phantom, Robot Randy, Mayan Baker, Carmen & Banana suit dealer

Season 2: 2000-2002[]

Number in series: Numberin


Airdate Title Villains The End Title Card stingers/quotes
14 1 October 31, 2000 "The Magic Tree of Nowhere" Eustace Bagge None
"Robot Randy" Robot Randy (former) A tune from The Hunchback of Nowhere and clanking sounds
15 2 December 8, 2000 "The Curse of Shirley" Eustace Bagge Shirley's saxophone
"Courage in the Big Stinkin' City" Schwick Muriel's citar with crowd cheering
16 3 December 29, 2000 "Family Business" Basil (former) A 1-note ding sound
"1000 Years of Courage" Banana People (former),
King Kong
A arrangement from the monkeys playing instruments in the theater
17 4 January 19, 2001 "Courage Meets the Mummy" Mayan Baker (former),
A Mayan arrangement
"Invisible Muriel" Federal Agents General's General theme
18 5 February 16, 2001 "Human Habitrail" Dr. Gerbil Dr. Gerbil's theme
"Mission to the Sun" Mustafa al Bacterius The ending theme of The Blue Danube
19 6 March 16, 2001 "Courage the Fly" None Di Ling's theme along with a gong in the end
"Katz Kandy" Katz Giggling sound and a fart
20 7 April 13, 2001 "Nowhere TV" Le Quack A sound from Le Quack hypnotizing Muriel and Eustace
"Mega Muriel the Magnificent" Computer (former) Lightning
21 8 May 18, 2001[12] "Bad Hair Day" Ma Bagge Dr Vindaloo's line: "I love my submarine, it's so pretty."
"Forbidden Hat of Gold" Golem A 2-note whistling theme in the temple
22 9 June 1, 2001[13] "Serpent of Evil River" Carmen (former),
The ending of Carmen's Habanera
"The Transplant" Eustace Bagge, kangaroo monster Police car sirens
23 10 October 26, 2001 "Car Broke, Phone Yes" Alien Brain Visitor,
Alien Brain Boss,

Muriel bagge

Alien Brain Visitor's moans and slapping
"Cowboy Courage" The Whip The Whip's whipping
24 11 November 2, 2001 "Evil Weevil" Jeeves Weevil Spewing and three drum beats
"McPhearson Phantom" McPhearson Phantom,
Ma Bagge
A 3-note therapy theme and creaking chair
25 12 November 9, 2001 "The House of Discontent" Spirit Of The Harvest Moon "1, 2, 3, 4, Happy Birthday!" from the radio
"The Sand Whale Strikes" Sand Whale (former),
Ma Bagge
26 13 January 11, 2002[14] "The Tower of Dr. Zalost" Dr. Zalost (former),
Rat (former)
Dr Zalost's line: "This is... so embarrassing."

Opening Sequence Villains[]

Season 2
Transcript The Magic Tree Of Nowhere, Spirit Of The Harvest Moon, Alien Brain Boss, Golem, Violin Girl & Dr. Zalost

Season 3: 2001-2002[]

Number in Series: Numberin Season: Airdate Title Villains The End Title Card stingers/quotes
27 1 November 16, 2001[15] "Muriel Meets Her Match" Maria and Mano Ladrones None
"Courage vs. Mecha-Courage " Mecha Courage,
Di Lung
Di Lung's theme
28 2 February 8, 2002 "Campsite of Terror" Raccoons (former),
Eustace Bagge
Gun firing and splattering
"Record Deal" Velvet Vic "WDIO Radio" from the radio
29 3 March 15, 2002 "Stormy Weather" Storm Goddess (former),
Dog Skeletons
Man singing and bongos
"The Sandman Sleeps" Sandman (former) Sleeping
30 4 June 7, 2002 "Hard Drive Courage" Hard Drive Virus (former) Futuristic music from the title card
"The Ride of the Valkyries" Valkyries (former),
Trolls (former)
Valkyries' line: "Yo troll how!"
31 5 June 14, 2002 "Scuba Scuba Doo" Ma Bagge Submarine sonar
"Conway the Contaminationist" Conway Conway coughing and dramatic theme
32 6 June 21, 2002 "Katz Under the Sea" Katz Eustace's line: "Not too crispy"
"Curtain of Cruelty" Floyd (former),
Eustace Bagge
Relaxing theme with Eustace's line: "Chopped meat!"
33 7 June 28, 2002 "Feast of the Bullfrogs" King Buffo,
Flies and bullfrog sticking its tongue
"Tulip's Worm" Tulip Worm,
A 3-note tuba sound
34 8 July 5, 2002 "So in Louvre Are We Two" Mona Lisa (former),
The Thinker (former)
"Night of the Scarecrow" Scarecrow (former) A 1-note carnival sound
35 9 July 12, 2002 "Mondo Magic" Mondo Mondo's line: "Get real, kid."
"Watch the Birdies" Mother Vulture (former)


Mother Vulture's line: "Isn't he just fabulous?"
36 10 July 19, 2002 "Fishy Business" Fishsionary,
Octopus (former),
Sea Judges (former),
Lobsters (former)
"Angry Nasty People" Benton Tarantella,
Mr. Nasty,
Eustace Bagge
Benton Tarantella's line: "Ooh, yes!"
37 11 July 26, 2002 "Dome of Doom" Evil Plants A 2-note orchestral ending sound
"Snowman's Revenge" The Snowman (former) Snowman's line: "Dog, prepare to meet your doom!"
38 12 August 2, 2002 "The Quilt Club" Elisa and Eliza Stitch None
"Swindlin' Wind" None None
39 13 August 9, 2002 "King of Flan" King of Flan King of Flan's line: "Flan!" and farting
"Courage Under the Volcano" Volcano God,
Chief Wicky Wicky
An off-key tropical tune with the Volcano God grunting

Opening Sequence Villains[]

Season 3
Transcript Mecha Courage, Scarecrow, Elisa and Eliza Stitch, Hard Drive Virus, The Valkyries & King of Flan

Season 4: 2002[]


in Series:

Numberin Season: Airdate Title Villains The End Title Card stingers/quotes
40 1 September 6, 2002 "A Beaver's Tale" The Beaver (former) Two bongo beats
"The Nutcracker" Dancing Rats The ending of The Nutcracker song
41 2 September 13, 2002 "Rumpledkiltskin" Rumpelstiltskin (former) A 3-note bagpipe tune
"House Calls" Dr. Gerhart (former) The ending of "Home Sweet Home" song
42 3 September 20, 2002 "Le Quack Balloon" Le Quack Le Quack's line: "No peeking"
"Windmill Vandals" Windmill Vandals A short guitar tune
43 4 September 27, 2002 "The Uncommon Cold" Big Bayou A short bluegrass tune
"Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted" Eustace Bagge A 6-note piano tune
44 5 October 4, 2002 "Bride of Swamp Monster" Swamp Monster (former) Swamp Monster's line: "Swamp woman."
"Goat Pain" Goat (former) None
45 6 October 11, 2002 "Muriel Blows Up" Evil Carrot None
"Profiles in Courage" None Sound of channel changing and a man saying "Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum."
46 7 October 18, 2002 "The Mask" Kitty (former),
Mad Dog,
Mad Dog's Minions
Same as Forbidden Hat of Gold
47 8 October 25, 2002 "Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog" Evil Empress,
Di Lung,

Asian Lung Dragon

A Chinese woman speaking Chinese
"Muted Muriel" Giant Starfish A 2-note saxophone tune
48 9 October 25, 2002 "Aqua-Farmer" Dolphin Trainer (former) None
"Food of the Dragon" William (former) The ending of pirate's theme
49 10 November 1, 2002 "Last of the Starmakers" Space Whale,
The General,
Federal Agents,
Federal Scientists
"Son of the Chicken from Outer Space" Space Chicken's Son (former),
Space Chicken's Wife
Courage chuckles
50 11 November 8, 2002 "Courageous Cure" Captain Lazzo (former),
Jay (former)
Captain Lazzo's line: "Right."
"Ball of Revenge" Eustace Bagge,
Black Puddle Queen,
Le Quack,
Cajun Fox,
Big Toe
Schwick's line: "How's that for menace."
51 12 November 15, 2002 "Cabaret Courage" Ulcer (former) The ending of Di Lung's singing theme
"Wrath of the Librarian" Librarian None
52 13 November 22, 2002 "Remembrance of Courage Past" Cruel Veterinarian None
"Perfect" Perfectionist Perfectionist's line: "Perfect!"

Opening Sequence Villains[]

Season 4
Transcript Buck, Silhouette Maker, Windmill Vandals, William, Swamp Monster , Evil Empress and Di Lung

Specials and Films[]

Episode # Airdate Title Villains
Special October 31, 2014 "The Fog of Courage" Clyde the Fog Spirit, Eustace Bagge
Film September 14, 2021 "Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog" Katz, Le Quack