Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Little Muriel is Muriel Bagge as a 3½ year old child.


Little Muriel is hyperactive, selfish and spoiled; she throws a fit if she doesn't get her way immediately. This made Courage's job of taking care of her quite stressful.


After a tornado passes through Nowhere and sucks Muriel in, Muriel is reverted to a 3½ year old child after falling out of it. Unsure of what to do, Courage takes the responsibility of caring for her while he figures out how to turn her back to her normal age. During this period, Muriel gives Courage difficulties as she has become selfish in nature, asking for a number of things that she wants, in addition to being hyperactive and hard to keep track of. Courage takes Muriel onto an airplane, where he plans on throwing Muriel into a tornado spinning in the opposite direction of the original tornado in order to undo the age changing. When they are finally over the tornado, Courage has Muriel sucked into the tornado. After a short time, Muriel comes out of the tornado back to normal and in undergarments.


  • "Hi, I'm Muriel. I'm only three and a half years old. Who are you?"
  • "I want an Easter egg!"
  • Macaroni quotes:
    • "This stinks, I hate it this way."
    • "Less cheese!"
    • "More macaroni!"
    • "Less macaroni!"
    • "More cheese!"
    • "More cheese and macaroni!"
    • "Oh, perfect."
    • "I hate macaroni and cheese."