Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Andy Sixx Logposting traces its roots back to the early 2010s and yet manages to strive well into the 2020s. From humble YouTube rants to ambitious community projects and all antics that lay inbetween. The BVB Army tries to present its long history in a cohesive manner.

DISCLAIMER: Certain terms had to be altered to fit this platform's etiquette criterias. This page is under HEAVY construction!

Proto-Logposting (2012-2014)[]

Possible Origins[]

In 2012-2013 a user, who wishes to stay anonymous, posted long ramblings in the form of YouTube comments beneath Skrillex and Black Veil Brides music videos. These consisted of lengthy, detailed & vulgar descriptions of the user having hot sexual intercourse with the related artists. With each passing comment these grew evermore obscene until they eventually contained feces-related acts. There was also a steam account that posted a prototypical log copypasta in 2014. Content of these stories usually involved emo fangirls wanting to fingering Andy Sixx's rear, giving him analingus and eventually consuming his shit.

Entering 4chan (2015-2016)[]

At some point in 2015 the original logposter entered 4chan, where he would spread his insatiable appetite for Andy Biersack steamy, creamy & dreamy logs on the Random - /b/ board. According to the earliest tracable 4chan logposts emerged in November 2015 and were mostly overshadowed by the US Election Memes. The posts were mostly accompanied by random pictures of Andy Sixx that got plastered by turd PNGs. This era also spawned one of the most notorious log copypastas and a corner stone of log-lore. Say hello to the "Retarded Human-Shit Baby":

"I sucked a log of shit out of Andy Sixx's ass hole backstage at a concert, and then I used that log of shit as a dildo to fuck my pussy with and then the bacteria from the shit fertilized my egg cells and impregnated me with a retarded human shit baby and then I gave birth to that retarded human shit baby and licked its retarded shit baby ass crack and then I sucked on its rock hard retarded human shit baby fucking balls and fat fucking throbbing retarded shit baby fucking emo goth andy sixx sexy emo deathcore hardcore poser rockband cock until it couldn't take it anymore and then came a giant fucking load of retarded human shit baby cum all over my fucking face, and then I licked all the retarded shit baby cum off and then spit it out in my hands and then used the retarded human shit baby cum as lubricant to finger my ass hole with. God, andy sixx is so fucking hot."

In the years following more pasta sprung up. You can find much of it here:

The Early Days[]

Within this stage of Logposting, Logless Shills as most know them had not sprung up yet. Rather, many posters took a curious approach to the OG Logposter, and were perplexed about why they did what they did, and for how long they were doing it. Eventually, this curiosity would turn to rage, as OG Logposter never broke character and would mock any inquiries with demands that critics should "grow up" or that they "aren't good enough for Andy's logs".

Steven Tyler's Onion Rings[]

At some point in these very early days of Logposting, a meme about Steven Tyler's onion rings, which is very similar to the Andy Sixx log meme, had cropped up. It was quickly incorporated into the very early Log memes, with the occasional meme about Steven's onion rings having Andy's logs be included as well. This was essentially the first spinoff meme of Logposting. It has a simple premise, apparently Steven Tyler makes some delicious onion rings, and many memes alluded to the idea that he uses logs as a secret ingredient, or conversely, that Andy creates his logs by eating Steven's onion rings.

This spinoff is shrouded in mystery, as unlike future spinoff memes, it's completely unknown who made it, when it was made, or even why. According to hearsay, it may have been just a completely unrelated post that somehow got associated with Logs. Many Log Historians see this as easily possible, as this was how the Corey Harrison meme got incorporated into Logposting.

The emergence of a Log Community (2017)[]

Throughout 2016 and 2017, Log threads would become increasingly frequent. While it is believed that these threads only began being posted by a single, lone user, it's thought that others quickly joined the Original Logposter.

/b/ Escalation[]

For some time, many 4chan users took plain curiosity in the Logposters, but as curiosity turned to rage given the anomalous frequency of Log threads and lack of a justification for it, many Log threads would begin hitting the bump limit on /b/. These were among the first Logless Shills; individuals who's anger fed the meme and made a spectacle of the Log threads, paradoxically making more people take notice and join in on the fun.

What started out as simple edits of Andy Biersack with images of poop would soon turn into high quality memes that parodied a vast nature of subjects. Movie posters, food items, commercials, song lyrics, album covers and more were all getting log themed parodies, all as Logless Shill rage continued. One notable Logless Shill from this time period was someone older Loggers have nicknamed The Armchair PsychoLOGist, who was one of the first believers in the "There's only one Logposter" conspiracy, and would attempt to analyze "the Logposter" and theorize about why he did what he did.

Dani Filth and other spinoffs[]

Some time within the Spring of 2017, the first true spinoff meme of Logposting would be made... the Dani Filth piss meme. Intended as the ultimate arch rival to Andy Sixx, memes about Dani Filth involved him doing urine related hijinks, with many of the memes having story arcs about him humiliating Andy Sixx or sneaking his urine into everyday products. It was initially believed by some Logposters when the meme first debuted (and the occasional newbie Logposter still does believe this) that it was a creation of the Logless Shills, intended to be a competition or protest to the Log threads. This idea has largely been put to rest.

However, many actual Logless Shills have mistakenly believed that Dani Filth was indeed a counter-meme, and were tricked into posting it simply to spite Logposters. Dani Filth continues to be a massive mainstay in the Log community today, with many Logposters jokingly "coming out of the urinal" and confessing their love for Dani Filth. It's now largely believed that Dani Filth Pissposting was created by a diehard Logposter, and although it's unknown who exactly, there is a few prime suspects.

Animaterr Man and LogTube[]

On July 11th, 2017, the first Log themed Youtube channel would be created: Animaterr Man. Animaterr Man would begin posting videos a few days later, the first known Log videos on the entire platform. The very first one was titled "andy sixxx!!!", posted in July 2017, although the original upload has been lost due to the deletion of Animaterr Man's original channel, a reupload does exist. These videos were crude, and Anni has admitted to making them in Windows Move Maker. Although it is rumored that there may have been obscure log videos on Youtube before this point, it remains unconfirmed.

Within the weeks following his debut, the still incredibly small beginnings of a Log community would make memes involving Animaterr Man, some making fun of him, others praising him. Within the next few months, more Log themed channels would join the fray; Vernor Banan, Diogenes Workshop, Figging Gape, Log Man and more. These channels would comment on each others videos often, and put each other in the featured channels section of each others Youtube pages. As such, "LogTube" was born, and would serve as the basis for Logposters establishing a proper community.

Discord Servers[]

August 2017 marked the creation of the first Log Discord server, Andy's Loggers. Not much is known about it aside from it having less than 5 members, all of which were recruited through an invite link being posted on /b/, including Animaterr Man. This server was deleted and recreated the next month in September of 2017, under the same exact name. Nothing too significant is to note about this server, other than it being a starting point for the emergence of a log community. It wouldn't be as significant as further ventures, however. This server still exists, but with its invite links kept secret, as the server now serves as a living archive of 2017-2018 era Logposting. This server was very inactive and would fade into obscurity rather quickly going into 2018. More Discord Servers would arise in the following year, which there is an entire article on this wiki dedicated to cataloguing.

Log Websites[]

More Spinoff memes[]

Expansion across the internet (2018-2019)[]

/b/etter /b/[]

The Slidding 2018[]

LogTube Growth[]

Styx Shoutout[]

Eustace and Logless Shills[]

Andy's Animaterr Man shoutout[]

Andy's Throaty Pleasures[]

COVID Era Logposting (2020-2021)[]

The McAfee Incident[]

Surge in Discord server popularity[]

Post-COVID Logposting (2021-2022)[]

Corey Harrison and the spinoff reniassance[]

Departure of many COVID/Styx Logposters[]

Even more Avatar Shills[]

Continued Log Server growth[]

Poom: Miasma Massacre[]

December 4th, 2021 marked the date that Poom: Miasma Massacre (often times simply shortened to just "Poom") would begin development. Poom is a partial conversion mod for the hit 1993 FPS video game Doom. This mod features its own full soundtrack, original levels, reskins of existing enemies and weapons, and entirely new features not seen in the original Doom game.

Poom was originally conceived by Animaterr Man in 2018, he played around with the idea and put in a small amount of work into a prototype of the mod. He would eventually abandon this project, with references to this original version of Poom being included in the current release. Development on the mod would be revived by Figging Gape on December 4th, 2021, after Gape began messing around with texture reskins in Doom.

The first release of the mod would come out on ModDB on December 20th of 2022, complete with 6 levels and a variety of content within them, proving to be a great albeit unknown success. The mod has garnered hundreds of downloads, thousands of page visits, and has consistently ranked in the top 10% (occasionally even 1%) of ModDB mod pages. Further updates are planned for Poom, which will feature more levels, enemy varieties, new weapons and more. Download and play Poom: Miasma Massacre from its ModDB page!

Animaterr Man channel deletion[]

Current Times[]

Community projects[]