Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Ma Bagge is a recurring antagonist in Courage the Cowardly Dog.

She is the mother of Eustace and Horst, wife of the late Ickett Bagge, mother-in-law of Muriel Bagge, and the C.E.O. of Growth Industries. Ma despises Eustace's presence and Muriel's as well, but enjoys Courage's company (except when he is foiling her plans).

She was voiced by the late Billie Lou Watt.


Ma Bagge is an incredibly two-faced person who is deeply insecure about her baldness, who feels ashamed without her wig. She has a sweet and caring personality around Courage (only when he doesn't ruin her plans), but has a mean and uncaring personality around Eustace, with who she has kind of a love-hate relationship. Most of the time Ma is cruel and bullying to her son, frequently calling him a "stupid boy." Despite Ma's own insecurities about her baldness, she pokes fun at her son Eustace for having the same hair loss problem.


She is bald, and wears a red (sometimes pink) wig. In the episode “Mother's Day, Ma is introduced as the rude and deceitful mother of Eustace. In McPhearson Phantom, Ma states that she has a mail-order degree in psychology.

In Scuba Scuba Doo”, she makes profit from destroying coral and turning them into wigs to sell. Ma lives in a trailer house that is a quick drive away from the Bagge Farmhouse.

Ma Bagge is one of many recurring antagonists of the series, even though she and Courage get along.


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  • Ma Bagge frequently calls her son "stupid boy," similar to how Eustace calls Courage "stupid dog". She also occasionally scares him with the same mask Eustace uses to scare Courage. Ironically, she is notably fond of Courage, constantly showing favoritism towards him over Eustace.
    • This suggests that Eustace's constant abuse of Courage stems from the abuse he received from her throughout childhood, compelling him to repeat the behavior with someone else.
    • She has been shown to call Courage "stupid dog," whenever he interferes with her plans.
  • It is likely that Eustace inherited his predisposition for baldness from her, as it is revealed in Mother's Day that she is naturally bald (which she is extremely self-conscious about and conceals with a large, red wig). This is probably what compelled her to become C.E.O. of Growth Industries, as their primary products are wigs and hair growth supplements.
    • However, Eustace's father, Ickett, was also bald in his later years, so it's possible it came from him, if not both parents.
  • Ma Bagge is tied with Le Quack for the second most frequently-recurring villain in the series after Di Lung, with a total of 7 different appearances.
  • Her first name is never revealed throughout the show.
    • This makes her the only member of Eustace's family not to have her name revealed at some point.
  • She is voiced by the late actress, Billie Lou Watt. Billie Lou Watt is well-known for her role as Astro in the English dub of "Astro Boy," an iconic 1960's anime created by Osamu Tezuka.
  • She's one of the few people who Muriel openly dislikes.
  • She apparently is only slightly stronger than Eustace, just barely being able to beat him in an arm-wrestling match. She also has the ability to paddle a land boat at incredible speed.
  • It is unknown if she was on good terms with her older son, Horst, since she never mentions him. Though it can be assumed that she was much nicer to him than she was to Eustace, due to the former's considerable success.
  • Following Scuba Scuba Doo, Ma was phased out of the series due to the death of her voice actress. Lore-wise, it is possible that she was killed by the tidal wave at the end of the episode which also brought along Di Lung, however, the latter survived.