Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog

Maria Ladrones and Manuel "Mano" Ladrones are two notorious thieves and the main antagonists of the episode "Muriel Meets Her Match".


As thieves, Mano and Maria are naturally two-faced, lying crooks. Their infamy has been granted through many heists that have earned them time in prison. Additionally, they are skilled con-artists, able to trick those around them using disguises and false motives. Their last name means "thieves" in Spanish, and "mano" means "hand."




Having broken out of jail and completed their getaway in a Winnebago, Maria and her dismembered arm of her husband Mano find themselves on the property of the Bagge Farmhouse. Desperate to give Mano his well-needed operation (presumably to get a new body), Maria concocts a malicious plan to use the Bagge family to their advantage.

Maria muriel

Maria Ladrones in a hairstyle and clothes similar to Muriel's.

First, Mano severs their TV connection, luring Eustace into their mobile home where there is perfect reception. As Maria grows suspiciously close to Muriel, she begins asking about treasured belongings, such as birth certificates and the farm deed. Muriel naively gives away the information, while a much more knowledgeable Courage sees through the plan. Maria even goes so far as to style herself after the farmer's wife and the two became eerily identical. That night, the couple leaves the farm, and all seems safe. The next morning, TV program reveals that a diamond at the Nowhere Museum was stolen by Muriel Bagge the previous day. Left behind as evidence are the Bagges family paperwork, her glasses, and even Eustace, who was still watching TV in the back of the Winnebago. Muriel is promptly arrested for her supposed crime. To prove her innocence, Courage hijacks the officer's bike and pursues the thieving couple. After the chase, in which their motorbike is blown apart, Courage gets inside the vehicle and is attacked by Mano. Muriel, enraged by Courage's apparent kidnapping, breaks through the roof of the car and crashes it. Maria and Mano are arrested yet again for their crimes.



  • Maria and Mano Ladrones have their own theme song in the episode.
  • Mano is potentially inspired by Thing from The Addams Family, who is also an animated disembodied hand.
  • It is unknown how Mano ends up only as an dismembered arm and how he can survive without a body.
  • Maria is among the small handful of dark-skinned characters to be seen in the series.
  • The name Mano could be a reference to the 1966 B movie Manos: The Hands of Fate, as made famous by Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • Maria has a light Mexican accent.